10 iPhone Widgets That Can Overhaul Your Smartphone Experience

With newer versions of iOS, iPhones introduced widgets that are actually a simple way to access applications on the go. Or in other words, widgets help preview the application in a small Window without actually launching them. You can use widgets for several inbuilt applications.

Unfortunately, you cannot download all applications on app store to identify what widgets are useful. So, to make it simpler for you we have listed 10 best iPhone widgets that enhance your Smartphone experience.

1. Day One Journal

Day One Journal

Day one journal is the best way to keep record of your daily activities. You can quickly store photos and notes using this application. Its widget helps find what you have stored this day which reminds you so many things you can also set reminders and will get a widget notification for your reminder.

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2. Minesweeper- Widget Edition

Minesweeper- Widget Edition

If you love to play some light games in your spare time then this widget will be the most amazing thing on your iPhone Minesweeper is having its own Widget edition tough it is not a free app but for a very decent price you will get a refreshing game which you can play even on the lock screen. All you need to do is to install the app and to add a widget of the application.

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3. ESPN Live sports and Scores

ESPN Live sports and Scores

If you are a sports lover and keep a sharp eye on the live scores of sports then ESPN will be the most useful widget on your iPhone. With the widget you will get live update on the scores on the lock screen and even you will be able to view schedule for the matches. To stay tuned with the live update of your favorite sport download the app and have the widget.

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4. Dark Sky

Dark Sky

You can get number of widgets for weather forecast even by default you get a widget of yahoo weather on your iPhone but if we focus on accuracy Dark sky works magically in forecasting weather. You can get weather forecast for the next hour and this forecast is accurate most of the times so this widget is very useful if you stay on a place observing heavy snowfall or rainfall.

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5. Evernote


If you have used Evernote then you must have found it the most useful application on your iPhone because it directly scans a business card and save it as a contact. Not only this the application is also loaded with many other such useful features and the same thing goes with the widget of the application which is also helpful in performing so many tasks from the lock screen of your iPhone such as instantly creating a note translating an audio or attaching pictures.

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6. Kitchen Stories Recipe of the Day

Kitchen Stories Recipe of the Day

If you love to cook but most of the times found yourself in confusion about what to cook then you should immediately grab this widget. With this wonderful widget on the lock screen of your iPhone you will get Recipe of the day with all the ingredients you need to make it. So now you need not to waste your ennery in thinking what to cook you can focus on how to cook it.

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7. Timeglass


If you do everything on the right time and stick to your schedule then it is must have widget for you. With timeglass you can set comedown for your activities such as for dinner for meeting etc. these countdowns will run on the widget window. Timeglass is having times for almost all your activities you can set these timers and can run with your schedule it is an efficient tool to manage time.

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8. NYT Now


When talking about useful widgets we cannot ignore a news widget and when it comes to news New York Times is the name we all know. So, with the application of NYT you will now get a widget which keep you tuned-in with the latest news 24/7 it is a must have widget if you want to keep an eye on the current affairs in USA. News in the widget keep refreshing very fast.

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9. Launcher


If you use your iPhone for just few applications and occasionally use rest of the applications then Launcher is an easy way to access your favorite applications quickly you can add launcher shortcuts to the widget and then you simply need to tap on the application you want to launch from the widget window. It is just a quick way to access applications you use frequently.

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10. Todoist


The application allows you to mark your task for the day. It is a kind of to do list in which you can mark tasks you need to complete and you can also mark them as completed from the lock screen itself. It is a good habit to list up all the tasks you need to complete and if every day you keep list of your tasks completed then the widget will really help you to shine.

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This is how widgets can help you to perform so many tasks easily and for most of them you do not even need to unlock your iPhone. Choose widgets of your choice from the given list and make most of your intelligent Smartphone to make your life simpler.

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