Instagram Story Hacks You Must Know About

With all the social media engagement, selfies, and feeds, we almost forget there is a real-world we need to get to. Well, people like to post anything and everything, from where you are, what you ate, and what you experience. People usually post these things on Instagram Stories to give a glimpse of recent events of your life. Stories are pictures or short videos which disappears after 24 hours. In this post, we will discuss some Instagram story hacks to make your Instagram Stories livelier. Let’s get started!

Instagram Story Hacks

Hack No 1: Visual Essay In Instagram Story

Visual Story

Stories as its literal mean can tell a story about anything to your followers. It could be about your day, your gym, what you ate, how you cooked? Avoid putting random photos, You can turn your Stories into a visual essay, which means posting pictures which could mean something, posting a bunch of photos as if you are telling a story. Post photos in a row and throw in some text and media to look like a story.

Hack No 2: Drop Shadow Effect

Drop Shadow Text

Another Instagram story hack is to play with font. Instagram comes with very few font options and anyone using them daily can get bored. If you make some changes in your text, then you must know that you can bring a change to it, such as adding a drop shadow effect.

It is an innovative way of expressing anything on Instagram. To get drop shadow effect, you can tap on Aa icon, located at the upper right corner and write text. Now repeat the same steps. Only change the color of the text. Once done, arrange one layer of text on another, as it will be off-center, it will look like a shadow.

Hack No 3: Use Rainbow Text


You can make your text look appealing on your Instagram Stories for your followers. To do that you can use the rainbow text effect. With this effect, you can add color to your stories or make captions for your posts as well.

To add rainbow effect, choose an image and add text to it. Now highlight the text on which you want to add effects to. Use your right thumb on any color to get the color gradient tool to appear. Slowly slide your right thumb upwards to get lighter colors, downwards to get darker ones, while sliding down the other thumb on the select text from right to left. You will see the change in color in the letters.

You can get different color combinations to get  colorful and appealing text for your Stories.

Hack No 4: Boomerang in Instagram Story

We know Boomerang is not a new thing and it is one of Instagram’s additional apps. It allows you to capture looping GIFs of approx. 3 seconds. You can capture boomerang straight from the Instagram app. So, create a boomerang and make your Instagram story interesting.

Hack No 5: Solid or Transparent Background

Solid Background

Changing the background look is also one of the Instagram story hacks. If you want to make the background solid or transparent for the text, then go back to the page where you create stories, and click Pen icon, located next to the Aa sign. Select a color from palette tool, Now press and hold the screen for approximately 3 seconds and the background will be changed into the color that you have chosen.

Hack No 7: User Engagement


In case you have a long list of followers to inspire, you need to keep them engaged. Well, Instagram provides you with a lot of stickers to converse with. You can mention your followers, tell them to ask questions, and different hashtags.

Use a Poll sticker to create a poll, under which you can type the question along with a YES/NO to choose from. You can use Slider sticker, this can also be used to ask questions or express their opinions.   If you want your followers to ask anything from you, you can choose Questions sticker.

Hack No 6: Selfies Into Stickers

Selfie Stickers are quite common and can be used to give detail and context to your images & videos posted on Instagram stories. You react to a photo or video by your customized selfie sticker. To do this, select an image. Click Sticker menu and tap the camera icon and take a selfie. Once done, place the selfie anywhere you want.

Hack No 8: Instagram Story Highlights

If you like any story that you posted and want it to be a part of your Instagram account, even after 24 hours. You can add your stories to Highlights. Highlights are pictures or videos that you once put in the stories. It is just beneath your profile bio. You can check it out any time in the future.

If you want to add Multiple Photos Or Videos In One Instagram Story? This video will guide you

So, this was it. Use these amazing Instagram Story hacks more cheerful and colorful. What do you think? Which one do you use the most? Do tell us in the comments section below. Follow us on social media so that you never missed the latest updates on technology

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