What All You Can Do from Instagram on Web App

The year 2020 has taken a dramatic jump, quite literally! Words like “Quarantine”, “Social Distancing”, Self-Isolation” have become a massive part of our lives and daily conversations as well. The entire world is fighting against the pandemic Coronavirus disease, and we’re all locked inside our houses to protect ourselves from being exposed to COVID-19 virus. 

Staying home is the only way of staying safe, but we cannot ignore the fact that all this somehow leads to boredom! To avoid boredom, social media helps us a lot in boosting our morale as it strongly conveys that you’re not alone in this. You may find some of your folks taking up workout challenges, some might have found a penchant for cooking meanwhile, or some are just lazing on their couches watching anything available on Netflix. 

Instagram is LIFE!

Instagram on Web App
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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with more than 500 million active users around the globe. Yes, it’s a gigantic community can keep you a lot entertained where you can connect with your friends and followers and see what they’re up to. We’re sure you must spend endless hours of scrolling through your Instagram feed, from watching memes to IGTV videos to checking out new posts of your favourite celebs. 

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So, let’s not stop the fun and keep your Instagram-ming experience limited to just your smartphone. Instagram on Web is a great way to access Instagram on a desktop browser (Windows and Mac) where you can browse your feed, talk to your friends via DM, post stories and pictures from your account, from your big screen. 

Here’s a quick tour of how to use Instagram on Web and a couple of things that you can try from Instagram’s desktop version. 

How to Use Instagram on Web

Open “Instagram.com” on your desktop, on any web browser of your choice and log in to your account. Instagram’s web version interface comes with a neat layout, displaying the feed on the left, and the link to your profile, stories, and suggestions in the right column. 

How to Use Instagram on Web
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Using Instagram on web is a whole new experience. The more you use it, the more you’ll realize it. From scrolling through the feed, viewing stories, posting pictures or videos, sending DMs to friends, Instagram on web allows you to do all of it that you do on Instagram’s mobile app without missing out on anything. 

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Posting Pictures and Videos from PC Becomes Easier

Posting Pictures and Videos from PC Becomes Easier
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All the images that we click on a DSLR or any other professional camera equipment, we tend to store it on a PC or laptop, right? Now, say, if you need to upload any image from your photo gallery to your Instagram account. What would you do now? In the general case scenario, you will either transfer the image or video to your smartphone via email or any other medium, right? 

Well, that sounds pretty hectic. With the help of Instagram on Web, you can directly upload the images, stored on your PC or laptop to your Instagram account, and save yourself from all the hassle of transferring the pictures to your phone. 

To know all about how to post pictures and videos from Instagram Web from your Windows or Mac PC, visit this link

Connect with Your Friends

Connect with Your Friends
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Thanks to Instagram for finally rolling out the Instagram Direct feature on its web application. Yes, we’re more than glad. And that means you can also connect with your friends and followers, text, send pictures or videos, create new groups, and enjoy everything that you usually do under the Instagram Direct section on your smartphone. 

Impressive, isn’t it?

Connect with Your Friends

To open Instagram Direct on web, sign in to your Instagram account, tap the arrow icon (next to the home icon) on the top menu pane. All your existing conversations will appear on the screen right away. To send a new message or to begin chatting with someone new, tap the notepad icon, start typing the contact’s name, and then hit the “Next” button to start a conversation. 

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Get Rid Of Ghost Followers The Right Way

Are you annoyed by the constant spam following, messages, and irrelevant comments on Instagram? Well, one of the major problems of having fake followers is you don’t have any organic growth in your account and these ghost followers can even result in violating “Instagram’s terms of rules”, and you may end up getting your account banned.

Hence, you must take control of these ghost followers and remove them from your account immediately. Fortunately, several developers understand the needs and offer the ability to clean Instagram accounts and block spam activities using a reliable web service like Spam Guard. The platform securely wipes fake followers and irrelevant and inactive accounts in a couple of clicks. It even holds the potential to identify bot profiles so that you can enjoy enhanced engagement altogether! 


Try this Best Instagram Cleaner today and protect your Instagram from ghost accounts and spam activities! 

Worth a Shot?

Instagram on Web is an excellent way of not letting Instagram out of your sight when you’re working from your desktop. In this way, you can enjoy an on-the-go experience of using Instagram no matter where you are! 

Worth a Shot
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So, are you looking forward to using Instagram on Web? If you haven’t tried Instagram’s desktop version yet then do give it a shot. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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