How To Use Smart Text Selection In Android Oreo

Android Oreo has come up with many new features and developments. One feature that stood out was the Smart Text Selection feature. It works by adding a smart option to the highlighted text. This smart option is dynamic in nature and gives an additional option to quit the usual copy paste feature and use the highlighted text directly.

What is Smart Text Selection?

Prior to the introduction of smart text selection in Android Oreo, selection, copy and paste were three independent features. This means that once any text was selected, it was simply copied to the clipboard and user could paste the copied text into the supported apps.

With smart text selection, Android has moved a step ahead. Now, when any selected text, Android gives its users an option of all the supported apps along with the normal copy and paste options.

The supported apps are based on what content the user has highlighted. Say, for example, a user selects certain numbers, so the application suggested will be phone. If in case the selected text is an email id, smart text selection will suggest Gmail.

This means smart text selection suggests those apps that are directly connected to the kind of text user has selected.

How to use Smart Text Selection in Android Oreo?

Smart text selection in Android Oreo is enabled by default and cannot be disabled by users.

Let’s see some examples of smart text selection in Android Oreo:

Smart Text Selection for Phone App:

When a user selects a series of numerals, Android Oreo suggests the Phone App. For any selected combination of numbers whether valid or not, Android Oreo suggests the phone app.

When a user selects the number, smart text selection suggests the Phone app before other options like Copy and Paste.

Smart Text Selection phone app

When a user taps on the Phone icon, he will be redirected to the dial pad. If he wishes to make a call, he can simply tap on the phone button.

Smart Text Selection phone button

In addition, the number can also be saved as a new contact or be used to send a message as shown below.

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Smart Text Selection for Google Maps:

Smart text selection easily detects address in the highlighted text and suggests Google Maps to provide navigations for the same.

Whenever an address is highlighted, Google Maps is suggested, followed by the normal Copy Paste functions.

Smart Text Selection for Google Maps

When the user taps on Maps, Google Maps gets opened and it will show the directions for the highlighted text as shown below:

Smart Text Selection for Google Maps

Smart Text Selection for Gmail:

Similar to the above examples, if user selects an email address, smart text selection suggests Gmail.

Smart Text Selection for Gmail

Once selected, Android opens Gmail, with the selected email id in the To field as shown below:

Smart Text Selection compose Gmail

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Smart Text Selection for Chrome:

Easy recognition of web addresses is also possible by smart text selection. When any URL is highlighted, Google Chrome is the browser app that is suggested.

Smart Text Selection compose Gmail

When selected, the web address gets opened in Google Chrome App as shown below:

smart text selection Google Chrome App

Did you try the smart text selection in Android Oreo? If not, follow the article to know how it can be used. Do share your valuable feedback in the comments section below.


  • comment_avtar
    If I’ve selected a map app for smart text selection to default to. An I reset this?

    2 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Mridula Nimawat
      Hello James, You can try making that Map application the default app on your device. Hope it helps.

      2 years ago

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