How To Use Google Translator App On Smartphone

Google translator is one of the ‘go to’ options to translate any text. It can easily translate any language into your native language or vice versa. This feature can be used on smartphones as well. Google has provided an individual application for this feature.

Google Translator has many features which will save lot of time and help you understand foreign language easily. It translates languages using text and voice input. It also reads and translates text written anywhere using device’s camera and text written on any images.

In this blog, we will take you through the different features and how to use them.

1. Text To Text Translation

If you want to translate any text, word or sentence in your native language, follow the steps below:

Open the Google Translator application.

Select the source language and the target language.

To translate any text tap where it says, “Tap to enter text”.

Once the text in entered, it will be translated.

Note: You can also write the text in case you wish not to use onscreen keyboard by tapping on the keyboard icon located on right above onscreen keyboard. You can directly select writing option after selecting source and target language by tapping on the scribble icon.

2. Voice To Text Translation

You can use this application to translate any words or sentences spoken.

To do so, simply click on the mic icon and narrate the words. The words will be translated into your desired language.


3. Translate Text On Any Image

Google Translate application is packed with many features, one of which is the ability to translate text from any image.
Google translate can use device camera to translate any text.
To translate any text written follow the steps below:

  1. Open the application.
    Google translate app
  1. Select source and target language.
    Google language translator
  2. Now tap on camera icon.
    google translate camera
  3. Camera will open, to translate any text on the image. Either click a picture with the center button and select the text or you can enable instant translation by clicking on eyes icon for direct translation.
    english to dutch translator

Note: You can also choose an image from gallery and Google Translator application will translate any text on it.
complete action using gallery

4. Translate Text In Application (For Android Only)

To Translate any text, you have to first enable Tap to Translate

To do so follow the steps below:

  1. Open Google Translate application. Tap on three lines located on top right corner of the application to open the menu and tap on Settings.
    Play store settings
  2. Now tap on “Tap to Translate” and enable it on the next screen.
    Tap to translate

Now you can use Google Translate application for any text copied. The steps for which are:

  1. Open any application and select text you want to translate and copy it.
    Once text is copied Google Translate icon will be displayed on the top right corner.
    Google Translate message
  2. Tap on the icon and you will see your text translated.
    Google translate

Google translate is the application you want handy when you travel to a new place. You can translate any text, speech and message using this application in your native language. This application also supports two-way conversation, which can be beneficial if you are having conversation with people speaking different languages.

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