How To Uninstall Anaconda From Your Mac Using Terminal

If you’ve installed Anaconda, the powerful manager, and now would like to uninstall it, here it is. This post will discuss how to remove Anaconda and free up space for other important files.

To do a clean uninstall of Anaconda, we will use a couple of ways.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

What is Anaconda?

You probably must’ve heard about Anaconda, the giant snake, right? But trust me, the Anaconda we are talking about here comprises machine learning, data sciences, scientific computing, and artificial intelligence. All these predictive analytics are done by writing in Python, a scripting language.

Anaconda is a free and open-source distribution for Python and R programming languages. The distribution runs on Windows, Linux, macOS, and it includes data-science packages.

Well, this is what Anaconda on Mac means. Now let’s learn how to delete it from Mac.

How to uninstall Anaconda on Mac?

Anaconda can be removed from macOS in a few different ways. The easiest of all is using the best Mac uninstaller applications. But not all like to spend money on an uninstaller. So first, we will discuss how to uninstall Anaconda from Mac via Terminal.

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How to remove Anaconda from Mac manually?

To uninstall Anaconda from Mac, follow the steps below:

1. Head to the Applications folder > Utilities > Activity Monitor.

2. Search for processes named “Anaconda.”

3. When you find one, select and press the Quit Process.

4. Once all processes are closed, quit Activity Monitor.

5. Now head to the Applications folder and look for Anaconda.

6. Right-click Move to Trash.

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This won’t remove all the files; hence we will need to look for all the related files. Mac’s Library folder is a good place to start. For this launch, Finder > Go > Go to Folder.

Here type ~/Library > Go.


remove anaconda mac


Look for a called “Receipts” and select the files listed below.






how to uninstall anaconda from mac


Select them and move them to Trash.

This will help remove Anaconda along with its traces.

How to remove Anaconda via Terminal

If you don’t want to go to the Finder and search for files, there’s an easy way. For this, we will use the Terminal command. It will help uninstall Anaconda and remove its related files.

To delete Anaconda via Terminal on macOS, follow the steps below:


how to delete anaconda mac


1. Head to Applications > Utilities > Terminal.

2. Type: conda install anaconda-clean

3. Hit Return.

4. Now, type: anaconda-clean –yes.

5. This will clean Anaconda.

6. Now type rm -rf ~/anaconda2 or rm -rf ~/anaconda3and press Return

Note: This will remove the Anaconda directory, saved in the Home folder

7. Finally, type rm -rf ~/.anaconda_backup. This will remove the backup folder created by the “Clean” command.

Reset Bash_profile

The last step to completely remove Anaconda is to remove the line in your Bash_profile. Anaconda added this.

For, this follows the steps below:

  • Head to the User folder.
  • Press Command + Shift and look for “.bash_profile.”
  • Locate the line: users//anaconda3
  • Delete it.
  • Save the file and exit.

Using these simple and easy to use steps, you can easily remove Anaconda from macOS.

By now, you must be thinking where is the information about CleanMyMac X, right? Well, we do remember, and here is all the information you need.

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Now, let’s see how it helps to optimize Mac.

How to clean and optimize Mac using CleanMyMac X

1. Download and install CleanMyMac X

2. Follow on-screen instructions to install it.

3. Now click the Uninstaller module present in the left pane.

4. Run the scan and wait for it to finish.

5. Once you have the scan result, select Anaconda to remove it.

This will remove Anaconda along with its related files from Mac.

Isn’t this simple? I know it is, and therefore we recommend this fantastic tool. CleanMyMac X is a one-click solution for Mac performance and slow speed issues. Hence, without wasting any time, give this tool a try and see how much it helps.

Share your thoughts about the tool and let us know if the fixes worked for you in uninstalling Anaconda from Mac.


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