Speed Up Windows 10 With These 7 Amazing Tweaks

It is hard to imagine that a brand new Windows 10 PC or Laptop could ever become slow and sluggish with time. But that totally happens with gradual use and thus, requires little maintenance to keep your computer running as good as new.

Windows 10 is one of the slickest operating systems conjured by tech wizards at Microsoft corp. Powered with various updates it provides a smooth user interface with some extremely fancy features. But all this fanciness comes at a price as these features utilize both power and resources in plenty, eventually taking a toll on your computer. Hence, after a couple years you might feel that your pc performance has degraded and doesn’t feel as new.

But do not worry as it is quite easy to resolve these slowdowns and speed up your Windows 10 PC. In this article, we’ve listed down some simple tweaks on How to make Windows 10 run faster.

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Top 7 Tips To Speedup Windows 10

1. Use Systweak Advanced System Optimizer to Speed up Windows 10 PC

Sometimes, the issues affecting your computer’s performance may be rooted in areas you cannot easily access or locate. Or maybe you’ve tried out various tweaks but nothing satisfactory comes out. In such cases, it is best to use a 3rd party system optimizer for your Windows 10 pc. Our pick for this task is Advanced System Optimizer by Systweak Software. This is one of the most powerful cleanup apps and is the best way to speed up Windows 10 computer. Let’s take a brief look at some of it’s most powerful features.

  • System Cleaner – This wizard scans your computer for any redundant or obsolete files. It also removes any leftover files after a program has been uninstalled.
  • Game Optimizer – Your games will never lag or slowdown with this module. It allocates maximum memory to any running game on your computer so you can enjoy smooth and distraction free gaming.
  • Driver Updater – Old system drivers can also be a major reason why your computer runs slow. Driver Updater module will scan your system for any outdated drivers and download updates from official sources. You can also back up old drivers before updates for total safety and security.
  • System Protector – Malfunctioning programs can also indicate malware activity on your computer/laptop. System Protector is a powerful antimalware that ensures that your system never gets compromised by any virus. It provides real-time protection and can also be set on auto-scan.
  • Disk Optimizer – The best way to ensure that your system runs fast and smooth is by regularly defragmenting your hard drive. The Disk Optimizer module is just for this purpose as it safely does the job and results in making searches much faster on Windows.

2. Lose the Transparency

Lose the transparency- make windows 10 faster

Windows 10’s transparent UI sure looks stunning. Sadly, this amazing effect takes a lot of CPU power and resources. Hence, it would be best to turn-off this feature and increase opacity to speed up Windows 10 pc. This might make your system seem a little ordinary, but will prevent it from running slow. To change transparency options open Settings and choose Personalization. Here, choose ‘Colors’ tab on the left and just toggle the ‘Make Start, taskbar and action center transparent’ off.

3. Startup programs

use Startup Manager to speed up windows 10

Most annoyances happen when your PC starts taking an unusually long time to boot. This could also happen if you have too many programs that launch during system boot. While some of these programs and services are important for system functioning, others can simply be turned-off. Do stop unnecessary programs from launching at start, open Task Manager and click on Startup tab. Incase you don’t see such tab, click on More Details to view it. Once at the Startup tab, you can see a list of programs that are designated to launch with computer startup. You can sort them by clicking on Startup impact panel, and disable the ones with lowest impact.

4. Turn Off Tips and Suggestions

turn off windows tips to make windows 10 faster

While tips are supposed to help your pc performance and utility, they end up being major annoyances at times. Since a complete system scan can take a while before Windows 10 provides its insights it could also slow down performance. The best way how to make Window 10 run faster is by turning off these automatic suggestions. Go to Start and open Settings>System>Notifications & actions. Here, toggle off the ‘Get tips, tricks and suggestions as you use Windows.’

5. Go bare-bones

No we’re not trying to dismantle your CPU cabinet or referencing a strip club, but simply telling to tone all special effects down on your computer. Window animations, faded menus, thumbnail previews, smooth edges and shadows do help improve visual appeal, but also take a heavy toll on pc resources. Turning these off would certainly speed up your windows 10 pc. Go to Start and click on System. Here, open Advanced System Settings and click on Advanced tab. Once here, click on Settings under Performance heading to open Performance Options window. Under Visual Effects tab, uncheck any useless effects, click Apply and Ok to exit and save changes.

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6. Tweak Power Settings

tweak power setting to improve windows 10 speed

This option is extremely vital especially if you’re looking for ways how to make windows 10 run faster. Moreover, it is recommended for laptop users to adjust their power plans to ensure a smooth performance for years. Infact many desktops too are being provided with Power Saver settings that limits consumption. To tweak power settings, open Control Panel and navigate to Hardware and Sound. Click on Power Options to see the available power options. Using high performance plan will drastically improve performance, but will come at the cost of some visual detail. It would be recommended to use Balanced or custom settings based on your system’s hardware configuration.

7. Remove Bloatware

remove bloatware- best way to speed up windows 10

If you didn’t build your computer from scratch, chances are that it will be pre-loaded with several apps and programs that serve hardly any purpose. These can also affect system speed forcing you to frantically search how to make Windows 10 run faster. These programs might not be entirely useless, but constant updating and their bulky size can become more of an annoyance rather than useful. To remove a program, go to Control Panel and click Uninstall a Program to open the list of installed apps on your computer. Simply click uninstall to remove any installed bloatware and speed up your Windows 10 pc.

Restarting the pc is also a good way how one can make their Windows 10 run faster. It clears the RAM and shuts down processes that eat too many resources giving your clean computer. So we hope this helps you speed up Windows 10 PC and maintain its performance for years to come.


  • comment_avtar
    Gary Sullivan
    Another take on the issue: upgrade to SSD. It’s one of the best things you can do these days for a slow computer. But yeah, it’s completely on a different level than the above methods.

    7 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Hey Gary! You are always full of ideas!

      7 years ago

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