Windows 10 Anniversary Update Protects You Against Ransomware Attacks!

Ransomware has been wreaking havoc on Windows computer throughout the year. But relief is in the offing for Windows 10 users. With the Windows 10 Anniversary Updates, Microsoft has improved its security features for both desktop and mobile users. Much like, Apple and Android. The security updates are largely focused on intercepting (and avoiding) Ransomware attacks.

For the uninitiated, Ransomware is a malware, which primarily aims to snip money from users by locking their systems or encrypting their data files. Ransomware strains and their attacks have grown 500% in the current year, over the previous year. Most of these attacks were targeted at Windows computers. The methods used by Ransomware criminals to hack into systems are constantly evolving and hence there’s no easy solution to stop these attacks. It has been a challenge for security researchers to come up with a one-stop solution for all attacks as each strain and version has unique coding. However, many a times experts have been able to come up with ‘decryption keys’ at lighting fast speed, saving victims the trouble of paying a ransom to get back their data files.

Microsoft has thus taken significant steps to tackle the Ransomware menace.

Browser Protection:

Microsoft has protected Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge from getting exploited from browser attacks, browser-plugin-related exploits. Ransomware authors often use Adobe Flash Player to transmit ransomware. Microsoft has updated Microsoft edge so that it runs Flash Player in isolated container. It has also blocked Microsoft Edge executing any program such as any exploit, running in the browser. This will make it difficult for Malware authors to break down ransomware on Windows 10.

Improvements in Email Service:

Email services have been improved with strong detection and blocking capabilities, in order to stop emails attacks finding its way via malicious attachments. Microsoft has enhanced its machine learning models and heuristics to catch malware distributed through emails. It has also developed a faster signature delivery channel to update Windows Defender running in their email services, more quickly.

Improvements in Windows Defender:

Cloud protection and automatic sample have been hooked up with Windows Defender, which will help in responding to Ransomware threats faster. Now Ransomware attack detection time with Windows Defender would be in seconds, which is fast enough. They have also upgraded Windows Defender’s behavioral heuristics in order to determine any file performing ransomware-related activities. It would then detect and take action more quickly.

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection:

Microsoft has introduced Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which can be combined with Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection. It will help companies to identify and respond to ransomware attacks. The update will help security researchers understand how the ransomware entered the device within a corporate network, identify the damage it has created, and locate where it might be moving next in the network.

Microsoft also claims to have made Windows 10 Anniversary Update the most secure Windows version ever. It will also have other security improvements such as Credential Guard, Windows Hello, etc.

These are some of the actions taken by Microsoft in order to protect its customers from ransomware attacks. However, any machine with a lower version won’t receive this protection. That calls forth users to update their system to Windows 10. You should also update all your software and keep backup of all your files.

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  • comment_avtar
    Why dont all systems know when they’re being hacked and be able to reverse a virus unless programed for remote desktop that destroy the hackers tool, i mean its a computer!

    7 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Hey! That’s an interesting perspective but I guess you already know the answer ‘unless programmed for remote desktop that destroy the hacker’s tool’. But who knows, future Systems might just be able to tackle this issue.

      7 years ago

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