How To Sort Photos By Date Using Photo Organizer?

Every one of us using smartphones has no less than a thousand photos (including myself). However, they must all be lying in different folders jumbled up and mixed up. This guide will help you to sort photos by date and organize them into various folders using Systweak Photo Organizer. This application is one of the best ways to organize photos and sort them by days, months, and years.

How Does a Photo Organizer Work?

You may not be aware of the fact that when you click a photo there is more to what meets the eye. You can see the image as a result of what you clicked but in reality, there is a whole bunch of information that is being recorded along with the image. This data is called metadata and consists of the date and time when the photo was clicked along with the device details and geolocation coordinates if the device has a navigation feature turned on.

In other words, when you click a photo with your smartphone and your Internet and Location turned on, it would be easy to identify when and where the image was clicked without even looking once at the photo. This is not magic but can be done with the help of another app known as Photo Exif Editor that helps users to obtain all the data stored while the image is clicked.

Systweak Photo Organizer used the same metadata stored along with the photos and sorts photos by date into various folders based on day, month, and year.

How To Sort Photos By Date Using Photo Organizer?

Here are the steps to organize photos by date taken into folders :

Step 1: Download and Install Systweak Photo Organizer in the Microsoft Store or click on the download button below.

Step 2: Open this software and the Wizard will launch prompting the user to select between System scan or Folder Scan.


Step 3: After you have made your choice, click on the Next button in the bottom right corner.

Note: A system scan will take more time as it will scan every nook and corner of your hard disk to import all images possible.

Step 4: Choose a destination folder and click on the Next button.

Step 5: Now, select Copy Photos to Organized folder and click on Next

Organized folder

Step 6: Click on the Next button to import the photos.

Step 7: Click on the Finish button and the wizard will exit after importing all images in your selected folder.

Step 8: The main interface of Systweak Photo Organizer will now open with all photos neatly sorted according to date.

Systweak Photo Organizer

Note: Notice the left panel and you will find many folders that were automatically created based on day, month, and year.

Step 9: You can click on any folder and then click on the export button on the far right to save that particular folder.

export button

Step 10: Else navigate to the location of the organized photos folder by making a right-click on any photo and select Open File Location from the context menu.

Step 11:  The folder will display neatly arranged folders based on years, containing folders based on month and so on. All the images will be copied from the original folder as we had chosen the copy option during running the wizard.

And with a few mouse clicks, you have finally reduced the mammoth task of organizing your photos into different folders sorted by day, month, and year.

The Final On How To Sort Photos By Date Using Photo Organizer?

Photo Organizer

The Systweak Photo Organizer is an amazing application that can work wonders on your Photo Collection because sorting a thousand+ photos is nothing short of a miracle. There is one limitation, however, that it works only on metadata provided. If you notice the above folder image, you will find a folder by the name “Unknown Date taken” which means any image that does not have the required metadata information will be placed into that folder. This is only true for limited photos only that you have downloaded on the internet or received from a friend who has purposefully edited the metadata for some reason or another. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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