How To Simplify Removal Of WhatsApp Storage From Your Phone?

WhatsApp conversations, especially the ones in groups, can accumulate a large number of forwarded high-quality videos and large images on your phone’s internal storage and hence, one must know how to clear WhatsApp storage. While all these media consumes a valuable volume on your mobile’s storage space, most of these media files and accumulated cache or junk is useless.

Luckily, you can delete storage usage on WhatsApp using effective and quick methods, to make up some storage area on the phone. However, if you try to delete WhatsApp media and associated files via a file management app, then it’s going to get nasty. Every image and video is stored by generic names without a thumbnail on the side to identify. Then there are separate folders for documents, audio, etc.

While there is a built-in procedural module to clear WhatsApp storage on Android and iPhone, that also is a hefty task in case the number of images or media files are high. Here’s how the WhatsApp’s built-in storage cleaner works:

How to Free Up Space on WhatsApp from Built-In Feature

Step 1: Open WhatsApp app.

Step 2: Tap on the vertical ellipses and select Settings.

Simplify Removal Of WhatsApp Storage From Your Phone

Step 3: Tap on Data and Storage Usage.

Data and Storage Usage.

Step 4: Tap on Storage Usage section.

Storage Usage section

Step 5: Select the conversation, group or individual, which has taken up most storage space.

conversation, group or individual

Step 6: The results will be categorized into sections such as Text Messages, Photos, Stickers

results will be categorized

Step 7: Tap on the Free Space button. This will mark the files for deletion. You can then choose to deselect sections before confirming the command for clearing WhatsApp data on the phone.

Free Space button

Step 8: Tap Clear Messages to delete storage usage on WhatsApp.

Clear Messages

While this process is effective and quick, it does not allow to choose from individual files or images before confirming for freeing up space on WhatsApp. It’s always better to look at individual files before deleting them permanently to free up space on WhatsApp storage.

Smart Phone Cleaner is a cleaner app for Android that allows you to do that as it simplifies clearing up storage space on WhatsApp Android.

How to Clear WhatsApp Storage via Smart Phone Cleaner

Step 1:  Download Smart Phone Cleaner.

Step 2: Tap on the WhatsApp manager section.

Step 3: See the list of media files taking up storage space on WhatsApp all categorized. Select a category.

whatsapp media

Step 4: Now mark the ones you wish to delete for clearing up storage space on WhatsApp on Android and delete them.

Smart Phone Cleaner not only simplifies the process of freeing up space on WhatsApp, but it also shortens it into 3-4 steps at max. Besides, Smart Phone Cleaner acts as a one-stop solution to manage Android storage, clear cache, and remove duplicates, optimize battery and RAM, thus optimizing the device performance at once. Smart Phone Cleaner can be said as a one-stop solution to keep your device healthy.

What do you think? Which method is convenient for you? Please mention your thoughts in the comments section below.

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