Best Duplicate Media Remover Apps For Android (2023 Top Picks)

It doesn’t matter how organized you are or how systematic you are in keeping your files, videos or music, you end up having multiple copies of data and media files. Duplicates or copies are one of the most common things that eat up space on your Android device.

Copies might be created in a number of ways. It is difficult to keep a record of things that you have on your phone, and you end up copying files. Shares and downloads are another culprit.

Some people try to remove and device storage by sorting out the files manually. But that’s a time-consuming process and often don’t give the desired results. If you have thousands of files on your phone, it is all the more difficult to manage duplicate media and data files manually.  That’s when you need a software to sort things for you efficiently.

In this article, we have listed some of the best duplicate media remover software that will help you in organizing the media files viz. photos, videos, and audio, easily.

Best Duplicate Media Remover Apps (2023 Picks)

Time to declutter your smartphone and delete duplicate files in Android. Choose the best duplicate file remover for Android!

1. Duplicate Files Fixer & Remove | Fastest Way To Remove Duplicate Files, Photos, Videos, Music In Android

Duplicate Files Fixer & Remove is one of the best duplicate files remover apps for Android as it not only looks for the media files but also finds the duplicate documents taking space on your phone.


Features of Duplicate Files Fixer

  • Due to its intelligent algorithm, it scans for duplicate files with a lightening fast speed and removes all the duplicates in a few seconds.
  • You can easily exclude any folders from being scanned for the duplicate files.
  • It supports 14 different languages in total, including German, French, and Japanese.
  • It lets you check what files are duplicates so that you can make sure that you don’t need that file.


2. Duplicate File Finder – Remover | Powerful & User-Friendly Duplicate File Remover For Android


Yet another good application, Duplicate File Finder-Remover with a simple interface removes all the duplicate media files easily.

duplicate file finder remover app for android

Features of Duplicate File Finder-Remover

  • It searches the entire phone along with the SD card for duplicate photos, videos, and other media.
  • It shows photos and videos side by side in grid format with file detail which gives liberty to take a quick decision which files to delete.
  • It supports major languages like Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese and much more to make it easy to use globally.
  • It allows you to include or exclude any folder to allow application scan for duplicate or same file scanning.

Download  Duplicate File Finder-Remover 

3. Duplicate Media Remover | Lightweight & Best Duplicate File Remover For Android


It is one of the best duplicate media remover apps for Android, which removes all the duplicate audio, video and image files present in your internal and external storage.

Features of Duplicate Media Remover

  • You can select folders to search for duplicates and unselected folders would not be touched.
  • You can schedule scans on a weekly basis, allowing one scan per day.
  • You get a chance to check the duplicate files along with the original files before deleting them,as once the file is deleted, it can’t be retrieved back.
  • The app performs routine searches for duplicates which improve the speed of subsequent scans.Moreover, it provides you with the notifications if any duplicates are found.

Download Duplicate Media Remover

These are some of the best Duplicate Media Remover apps for Android. Try them and let us know what works for you!

Frequently Asked Questions: Top Duplicate File Remover For Android (2023)

Q.1. What is the best duplicate file remover?

Duplicate Files Fixer, designed by Systweak Software is one of the best duplicate file removers for Android to choose in 2023. The application holds the potential to find and delete duplicate files, videos, music files, photos and other multimedia clone data that takes unnecessary storage space on your Android, Windows or macOS.

Q.2. Is duplicate file remover safe?

Yes! Using an effective duplicate file remover apps for Android from reputable brands are certainly safe to use when it comes to decluttering your smartphone. We recommend using Duplicate Files Fixer by Systweak Software that comes with a robust & reliable scanning engine to find and remove duplicate music files in Android and other stuff in a single scan.

Q.3. What is the easiest way to remove duplicate files?

Using a professional duplicate file remover for Android is probably one of the easiest and fastest ways to delete duplicate files in Android. Simply run a comprehensive scan and you will be presented with an accurate list of exact and similar-looking photos, videos, music files, archives etc.

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