How to Set Password in Notes App on iPhone

Our phones are no longer restricted to just calling and messaging. Most of us now, use our phones to manage and organize our day to day life. From online shopping to managing calendars or booking tickets, all our daily life solutions are just a swipe away. One of the important features in our phones these days is the ability to take down notes and save information. This feature in iPhones goes by the name Notes.

Notes allows the user to save any information. It can be anything, a phone number, credit card number, social security number, etc. However, the details saved on the app are secured only till the iPhone is locked. Once unlocked, anyone can read the data that the user has saved on the app.

To make it secure you can set password for the notes that you take down on the app. Even if you sync the notes across various Apple devices, locking a note on one device will make it inaccessible on other devices as well.

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If you want to protect your notes, follow the steps in this article to enable this feature.

Enable Password in Notes

  1. Tap on the Notes app to open and select the note for which you want to set the password. Left swipe the note to lock it down.
    Enable Password in Notes
  2. This will open three options. Tap on grey lock icon.
    Enable Password in Notes
  3. You will be redirected to the screen, to enter the password to locking and unlock the note. Enter a password of your choice and retype it in verify.  Tap on Done located at the top right corner to proceed.
    Enable Password in Notes
  4. You will now be redirected back to the notes. There will be a new unlock icon just before the note. It means, that currently the note is unlocked. To lock it, tap on “Lock Now” located at the bottom of the screen.
    Enable Password in Notes
  5. The note is now locked and can only be opened after providing the password. There will be a lock icon just before that note and also, it’s preview.
    Enable Password in Notes
  6. If someone tries to open a locked note, the screen reflects a message, that the note is locked. To open, tap on View note.
    Enable Password in Notes
  7. You can either use touch id or the password to unlock the note.
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These simple steps will help you create a two-layer security for all your notes.

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