How to Send Or Receive Texts From Your Computer

Imagine you are working on your desktop on an important task and your phone chimes every now and then as your friends or family members are texting you. Well, you don’t want to stare at your phone’s screen while working and it will distract you and will reduce your productivity level.

However, replying back is also mandated. You might not want to ignore their messages but don’t want to dig in the screen again and again. Wouldn’t it be easy if we could send or receive text message from computer?

There are various apps on both Android and iOS devices, with which you can make that happen.

In this post, we have discussed the best options available to chat on a desktop and how to set them up!

Send Or Receive Text Messages On Mac When You Have iOS:

Send Or Receive Text Messages On Mac When You Have iOS:

iOS comes with SMS services which solves all the purposes and it has also not allowed any of the third party app to take the place of it’s default messaging service.

This is one of the downside of iPhone or iPad but you can use iMessage on a desktop if you have Mac. However, Windows users will not have any option to communicate on a desktop.

Well, most probably it is synced on your Mac with your iOS device, however, if it is not. Here is how it’s done!

  • Sign in with Apple ID on your iPhone and Mac.
    Send Text Messages On Mac When You Have iOS:
  • To make sure you are signed with same Apple ID on iPhone, go to Settings and locate your name and tap on it.
    Send Text Messages On Mac When You Have iOS:
  • On Mac, go to System Preferences then iCloud.
    Send Text Messages On Mac When You Have iOS:-4Send Text Messages On Mac When You Have iOS:-5Send Text Messages On Mac When You Have iOS:-6
  • Now let’s set up iMessage. On iPhone, go to Settings then locate Messages. Under messages locate iMessage, turn it on by toggling it to the right.
    Send Text Messages On Mac When You Have iOS:-6
  • Now on your Mac, you will get an alert that your phone number is now added to iMessage. Now when you open iMessage app on your Mac, you can see the Messages on both your computer and iPhone. You can text other users who have iMessages on their Apple devices.

However, if you want to communicate with people without iPhones then, go back to Settings on iPhone. Then navigate to Messages. You will get an option Text Message Forwarding. You will get a list, under the list, select the computer on which you want to use Messages app.

  • Now, go to Messages app on your Mac and click Messages menu.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Preferences then iMessage tab.
  • Put a checkmark beside “enable your Apple ID email address & your cell phone number.”
  • After this, Mac will work on both iMessages and SMS messages. The messaging app on your computer works. Now write your messages and press Enter to send them.
  • If you are texting a person who has iMessage, their contact information will display in blue instead of red color when on macOS app.
  • If both of the users are using iPhone, then you can enable the settings to read receipts, send emojis and more.

So, in this way you can text message from the computer.

Send Or Receive Text Messages On computer When You Have Android:

Send Or Receive Text Messages On computer When You Have Android

Google introduced an interface to the SMS program, which is Android Messages application which is already installed on Android devices. The platform is the simplest way to send SMS from PC using Android. Follow these Steps to get it done!

  • In case you don’t have Android Messages on your phone, install the app.
  • Now, to give it permission to work as default SMS app, locate Settings, then App & Notifications.
  • Now go to Advanced and then go to Default apps. Navigate to the SMS app and select Android Messages.
  • Now launch the web browser, open Android Messages website, locate a scannable QR code.
  • Now, you need to scan the code from your Android. To do that, follow these steps:
  • Go to Android Messages, locate and tap on three dots(menu button) from the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Select Messages for the web, and click Scan QR code. Now to do that, point your camera towards the code and once it is done, all the messages on your phone will be synced to your computer.
  • Now any message that comes to your phone, will appear on the computer too. If you want to get a notification on your computer, whenever a message is received. To do that, follow these steps:
  • Go to menu button or three dots from the upper left-hand side of the screen.
  • Click Settings.
  • If you want to send SMS from PC, then click New Conversation, type the message and press Enter. You can also add stickers, photos or emojis.

As Android is open for third-party developers, so the above-stated app is not the only opinion. You can also choose other apps available to send a text message from the computer.

Pulse SMS (Android)

Pulse SMS (Android)

One of the best alternatives for default Android Messages, Pulse SMS has a web interface. Using a third party always gives you an advantage of getting extra features such as you can set a different theme per conservation, you get password protection and more. The app offers a 7 days trial.

How To Use It?

The first step would be to download the app and set it as the default messaging app.

To do that, navigate to Settings.

  • On the Settings page, locate Apps & Notifications and then Advanced.
  • On Advanced page, tap on Default apps and then SMS app, here tap on Pulse SMS to make it default.
  • Note: You might also get an option to Change SMS app, once you launch the app. Tap on yes to do that.

Set Pulse SMS account:

On your Android smartphone, tap three horizontal lines from the upper right corner of the screen, select Text from any device and then Try it now! you need to enter your details. Now you can try the app for seven days and after 7 days, it will charge for the services.

Now it turns to set the service on your computer, go to Pulse SMS website to login with your credentials. It is similar to Android Messages, just like the app, you can continue the chat from your phone to your PC. To send SMS from PC to a new contact, click plus (+) button and start the conversation. Pulse SMS can work both on Windows and macOS.

There are various other apps that could solve the purpose but the one mentioned is much usual.

So, this is a way you can send or receive text message from computer using iPhone and Android. Try it and get rid of the hassle of digging in your smartphone screen again and again.

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