How To See What’s Taking Up Space On Mac

After the release of Sierra, optimizing storage has been easier with an inbuilt feature. Optimized Storage is a tool which helps you see what’s taking up space on mac. It finds and removes unwanted large files from your Mac. However, it moves all this content in the cloud.

The files moved stays right where you saved them and gets downloaded when you want to access them. But is it really what you want? What if you don’t want to move your content to iCloud? What if don’t want to buy space on iCloud?

Then, it leaves you to either scour and delete unwanted large files manually or get a third-party application such as Disk Clean Pro.

In this post, we have listed both the ways for you to find out what’s taking up so much space on your Mac.

How To See What’s Taking Space On Mac Manually?

To start, go to Apple menu, Click About This Mac->Storage. You will get to view the space used on Mac in different categories such as photos, videos, docs, apps and Other.

Once you have reviewed, click Manage to get recommendations to optimize your mac storage.
How to see what's taking space on Mac

Note: Manage button is only available in Sierra and higher versions.

These recommendations will help you sort your storage space. You can turn on or use the features to manually retrieve space on Mac. However, you need to review all the things that you need to delete and sort the clutter on your own, which takes a lot of time and efforts. Also, this process is not error-free.
Manage space on Mac

If you don’t have a newer version of Mac, you need to follow these steps:

  • Move big files to an external drive.
  • Delete files from trash
  • Compress large files
  • Locate and delete unwanted files from your Mail, documents folder, downloads folder and more.

This can be exhausting. If you want to save your time and efforts, you should go for a third-party application such as Disk Clean Pro to optimize your Mac. Let us know how it could help you to know what’s taking up space on Mac.

Disk Clean Pro

clean junk from disk clean pro


Disk Clean Pro is a one-stop solution which can not only optimize your Mac but also secures it from privacy traces, and unwanted junk files. It lists bulkiest files, be it videos, photos, music, documents or other files on the computer, allowing you to sort the unwanted ones. This keeps your Mac optimized and secure with minimal efforts.


Well, this is not it! Disk Clean Pro comes with advanced features on a simple interface, let’s explore apart from helping to optimize disk space, what more it has to offer:

disk clean pro

  • Deletes Junk & Unwanted Files

Over time, your Mac might accumulate junk, log files along with other residual items. When these files grow in number, it takes a lot of space on your computer. Disk Clean Pro can detect log files, cache files, trash and enables you to delete them. This recovers invaluable space on your Mac.

  • Removes Privacy Traces

Your browsing history can be hacked through history, cookies, and app cache. Disk Clean Pro removes all the privacy traces to make sure your privacy stays intact.

  • Duplicate Finder

If you are worried to sort your files and remove duplicates from it, Disk Clean Pro can do that for you.  No matter whether it is an image, folder, video or document, you can manage and organize them nicely and saves tons of GBS in the process.

  • Spots Failed Downloads

With Partial Downloads, you can get rid of any and every corrupt and incomplete download to retrieve your hard disk space.

  • Optimizes Memory

With Space Optimization, Disk Clean Pro can clean up disk storage space by removing duplicates, old & unused files, large files and old downloads on Mac.

  • Miscellaneous Cleaning

This is a feature which shows you the list of iTunes Backups, Mail Downloads and Trash Cleaner.

So, these are some of the features that make Disk Clean Pro, a unique and complete solution that you can use to optimize and secure your Mac. It not only allows you to see what’s taking up space on Mac but also enables you to organize the disk space smoothly.

What do you think? Which would be your choice when it comes to finding out what’s taking up space on my Mac:  A cumbersome task of sorting files manually or gently sifting through files using Disk Clean Pro?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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