macOS Sierra: Everything you want to know

If you are a Mac user, here’s some good news waiting for you! Apple has rolled out macOS: Sierra for testing and it will be available to the general public shortly. For now, Apple has dropped the 7th Beta version of macOS Sierra for developers. And the same is also available for public beta testers as the 6th Beta macOS Sierra. The new OS has an amazing line up of features. So without further delay, we’ll give you a brief on everything macOS Sierra will present to you.

  • Notification Center: To begin with, macOS Sierra will have a new-fangled background and overhauled Notification Center. The new Notification Center will allow users to customize it with their preferred searches/ apps/ programs. So, finally Apple will help you personalize your home screen as you ALWAYS wanted it to be.
  • Picture in Picture: Sierra will let users enjoy video streaming like never before. You’ll be able to drift a video window from Safari or iTunes to your desktop, and meanwhile continue with your other tasks.
  • Mac to iOS Copy Paste: Users would love Apple even more for this feature. The new OS will offer enhanced communication between all Apple devices. Perhaps, all your desktop and document folder will automatically be saved on iCloud Drive. And you would surely thank Apple for bringing in Universal Clipboard update. Now you can copy anything from one place and paste it to the other device easily.
  • Storage Optimization: This new feature will ensure that there aren’t any glitches with optimizing storage space. macOS Sierra has better options available to free up disk space for you. Find them below.
    • iCloud Storage: All your files and pictures will automatically be stored on iCloud with only the recently opened ones on desktop, physically.
    • Storage Optimize: Your once watched iTune movies and TV shows will automatically be removed.
    • Trash Erasing: The OS will automatically delete all files from trash, which have been piled up for more than 30 days.
    • Lessen the Clutter: All your older documents will be collected for you to delete them, but only after you have decided to do so.
  • Memories: You will enjoy enriched intelligent photo collection with macOS Sierra. Photos app has been revamped with new features, wherein your Mac will take insights of people, places and things on your photos and organize them intelligently. This will also shape your past photos and keep them in a new tab called “Memories”.
  • Siri on Mac: Last but not the least, our beloved Siri will be on Mac. Siri will certainly be flamboyant on Mac book with some super awesome features. You shall learn more about Mac Siri in our next post. We know it’s little difficult to hold on to the excitement. But trust us, your wait would be worthwhile and we shall post soon!

Apart from these, macOS Sierra will also see some minor updates, including messaging updates, bigger emoji, ‘tapback’ option to respond back to messages with emojis like Heart, Thumbs up and more.

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