How To Remove Redl Ransomware And Other Malware From Your System?

What Is Redl Ransomware?

Redl Ransomware is a type of computer virus that encrypts or locks all the infected files to prevent a user from having access to his files. This is done by cybercriminals to demand a ransom from the user so that he/she can access back to their own files. The ransom is generally demanded in CryptoCurrency which is untraceable. Even if the user pays a ransom, there is no guarantee that the user will get his file unlocked.

As horrifying it sounds, the fact is that your computer, if connected to the internet, is prone to a malware attack, be it adware, spyware, trojan, virus or the new kid on the block: Ransomware. Ransomware doesn’t discriminate and can attack all versions of the Windows operating system. It can infect all types of files, including Photos, Audio & Video files, Documents, Archives and more.

How Does Redl Ransomware Work?

Redl Ransomware modus operandi involves infiltrating the user’s computer through email or spam attachments. It installs on your computer and creates an executable in %AppData% or %LocalAppData% folder. Once launched, this malicious software will automatically scan all the drives and search for files that can be encrypted. Redl uses the file extensions to identify the files which contain user data like Word files (.doc,.docx, .pdf), Excel files (.xls, .xlsx, .csv), images (.jpg, .png, .gif) and many others. Once the search is complete, the extensions of all these files will be encrypted and changed to . Redl extension, making the files inaccessible.

Redl Ransomware user disturbed

Suppose, if you have an excel file by the name of budget.xlsx, it would appear as budget.redl and will no longer be able to open in Excel. Users affected by Redl can see various newly created files by the name, info.txt/ readme.txt in most of the folders and on the desktop. This file can be easily opened in the Notepad application and will display the Ransom message. The ransom message states that the user files have been locked with a code. To regain access to those files, users need the unique key, which will be provided once the user transfers a certain amount in the requested account in form of cryptocurrency, probably BitCoin.

Redl ransomware also deletes the Shadow Volume Copies after encrypting and locking all the user’s data files. This ensures that users can’t even restore their files from the previous versions stored on their computer. It uses immaculate encryption techniques that cannot be traced and that means even a skilled program developer would not be able to create a reverse decryption application to unlock the files.

Important: Catering to the ransom demands does not ensure that you get your files back. After receiving the payment, the hacker may choose not to deliver the key to open your encrypted files.

What To Do In Case Of Redl Ransomware Infection?

Redl Ransomware is a very well-designed malicious software that gets into your system and hides its presence from the user until the work is done. The entire process is carried out in a stealth mode. Once the files are encrypted and become inaccessible, the user gets a text file demanding ransom.

Although any security software cannot reverse the process; however,  an efficient one can help you remove the virus and halt the further activities of Redl ransomware on your computer. This action must be taken quickly to prevent further damage. There are two ways to control the destruction of your personal data and files, and it is recommended to try and use a combination of both methods to increase your chances against Redl ransomware.

Automatic Removal Method

To automatically detect and remove the traces of the Redl ransomware, it is important to use security software that releases an update or patch, whenever a new virus or threat arises.. One such software is Advanced System Protector that is known to work on the latest virus and malware definitions. There is a dedicated team that works 24/7, 365 researching to find the solution to any threats posed by cybercriminals. A scan from the latest updated version of the Advanced System Protector will ensure that any traces of Redl ransomware are removed and prevent chances of additional harm to your files.

To download Advanced System Protector, click here.

Manual Removal Methods

Note: These methods should only be carried out if you have basic technical knowledge about the computer.

The first step, you must take to initiate Virus removal from your computer is to reboot your computer in Safe Mode with Networking. To do that, follow these steps:

Step 1. Press the Windows key and the Letter R simultaneously.

Step 2. A Run Box will open. Type MSConfig in the box, and select OK.

Step 3. Locate and click on the Boot tab. Under Boot options, select Safe Boot checkbox, and then click the last button labeled as Network.

Redl Ransomware boot in safe mode

Step 4. Click on Apply and OK. The PC will reboot in Windows Recovery Environment.

Once the computer boots in Safe Mode, follow these methods:

Method 1. Identify the processes

Step 1. Open the Task Manager by right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting the task manager from the list.

Redl Ransomware check process in task manager

Example to check suspicious process: I check the processes running in my computer and was familiar with Office, Skype, Store, anything Microsoft, Power Toys and Right Backup. But what was Runtime Broker?

Step 2. Under the Processes tab, try to identify each process. If you find any suspicious process not related to any of the programs you run on your PC, then right-click on that process, and click Open file location.

Redl Ransomware locate process files

I made a right-click on the process and opened the file location. The file was in the System32 folder which was a relief as it is a Windows 10 System folder. But I was not fully convinced. So I decided to do a Google search on it.

Step 3. Check the location directory, and the subdirectories to identify which program is associated with the process. If the folder name under the main Program files directory is not known, then it can be removed.

Redl Ransomware runtime broker

The Google search results displayed the Official Microsoft Support Website with Runtime Broker mentioned on it. I was finally relaxed as this was an authenticate Microsoft Process and there was nothing to worry about. The manual process demands time and effort and you will have to check all the unknown processes in a similar way.

This process will ensure the removal of any malicious program installed on the PC.

Method 2. Check for any unauthorized IP address connected to your computer

Step 1. Press the Windows and the R key together.

Step 2. The RUN box will open. Type the following command in the open box.

notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts

Step 3. A notepad with a list of IP addresses will open.

Step 4. Identify your IP, and if there are other IP addresses, then open the MSConfig window again.

Step 5. Under the Startup tab, try to identify the programs which are currently running, and have been initiated since your PC booted up.

Step 6. You can disable the ones which are not familiar.

Redl Ransomware process disable

Method 3. Delete Temporary Files

In the Windows search bar on the top right, type the name of the following folder and delete all the contents within it.

Redl Ransomware delete temp files

  1. Temp
  2. %Temp%
  3. Prefetch

Method 4. Search And Delete Traces From The Registry

Redl Ransomware registry

Step 1. Press the Windows and the R key together.

Step 2. The RUN box will open. Type Regedit in the search field, and click on OK.

Step 3. The Windows Registry will open. Press the CTRL and F key for the search box of the Registry.

Step 4. Type the name of the virus or malware (Redl, in this case), and click on ok.

Step 5. Delete all keys with the same name.

Method 5. Perform A System Restore

Redl Ransomware system restore

Step 1. Press the Windows and the R key together.

Step 2. The RUN box will open. Type rstrui.exe in the search box, and click on OK.

Step 3. The System Restore window will open. Select a restore date before the ransomware attack on your computer, and initiate a system restore to the previous date.

Note: This will not only recover the files but also will restore any settings that were altered by the ransomware attack.

Watch Video Tutorial:

The Not So Final Word On Redl Ransomware

Ransomware attacks are serious issues that cannot be easily dealt with. In most cases, it is impossible to restore back the damage that is already done. But steps can be taken to restrict more damage and save the remaining files and data. I personally recommend that you go for professional and certified software that can remove the traces of the Redl ransomware and then try out the manual methods to be on the safe side and check if the anti-malware did its job or not.

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