Easy Ways To Remove Instagram Filters From Photos (2024)

Have you ever posted a photo on Instagram, applied a trendy filter like Valencia, Clarendon, or Junon, and later wished to remove it? Well, we’ve all been there!

Maybe you want to try a new filter to make your sunset picture pop or create a unique visual style. Perhaps, you just want to restore the authenticity of the image by eliminating any alterations made by the filter.  Fortunately, you don’t need a time machine to remove Instagram filters from photos. In this guide, we’ll explore both quick fixes and comprehensive methods to remove filters from Instagram photos.

Is It Possible to Remove Instagram Filters?

Yes, using different techniques it is possible to remove the Instagram filters from your pictures. However, you will need a professional editing tool to do so, certain filters can be removed using the built-in apps as well. All you need to do is change the image color and saturation levels to match the original image. 

How To Remove Instagram Filters from Photos?

Try these ways to remove Instagram effect from photos:

METHOD 1 = Use the Fotor Photo Editing Tool

One of the most convenient ways to remove filters from photos is through using Fotor’s online photo editing service. The web app offers a wide range of features to modify and enhance your images. It features a user-friendly interface, packed with various options to edit, create, crop, and enhance beautiful photos online instantly. Its AI-powered automatic photo enhancement, text-to-image generation, and backgrounder remover tools are hit.

Now, let’s learn how the Fotor app to remove Instagram filter works:

  1. Navigate to the official website of Fotor.
  2. Click on the “Remove Filter Now” button.
    Remove Filter Now
  3. Upload your photo that contains the filter you want to remove.
  4. Use the filter eraser tool provided by Fotor to brush over the image and remove the filter.
  5. Preview the modified image to ensure that the filter has been successfully removed.
  6. Finally, save your image without the filter applied.

This is how you can easily remove the Instagram effect from photos. Do you prefer using any other online photo editing tool to get this task done? If yes, feel free to mention them in the comments section below!

Is There an App to Remove Instagram Filters?

Well, besides Fotor there are a few other mobile apps like Pixlr, Snapseed, or Photofox, that allow users to easily remove filters from images with just a few taps.

METHOD 2 = Using Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a phenomenal photo editing software that allows users to manipulate and adjust several image characteristics. It doesn’t have a dedicated tool for removing Instagram filters from pictures. However, using its various manipulation tools you can modify the appearance of your photographs and achieve the desired look.

Following these steps will help you revert the filters or other editing done on the photo using Adobe Photoshop Elements.

  1. Launch Adobe Photoshop Elements on your computer and open the image you want to remove the filters from.
  2. To get back the image to its original state, go to Enhance > Adjust Color > Adjust Color to Skin Tone.
    Adobe Photoshop Elements
  3. Once selected, click on the photo to apply the changes.
  4. If the outcome is not as desired, proceed to the next step.
  5. Go to Enhance > Adjust Color > Remove Color Cast.
  6. Click on the photo with the cursor on the image and observe the changes.
  7. After using this tool, go back to Enhance > Adjust Color > Adjust Hue/Saturation. Decrease the saturation levels for the image to give it a natural look.

Frequently Asked Questions –

How to Remove Instagram Filter from Photo using Instagram?

Instagram only allows you to remove a filter from a photo before it’s posted. You can go to your draft and open the photo and then apply another filter or go to Normal to post the original. Thereafter you can start by reapplying another filter or posting a picture without one.

How Do You Remove a Filter on Instagram After Posting?

Well, there is no direct way to remove a filter from an Instagram photo after posting it. However, you can delete the photo and repost it without the filter.

Can You Remove Filters from Other People’s Instagram Videos?

No, it is certainly not possible to remove filters from Instagram videos posted by others. Saving and making any changes to someone else’s content can be considered copyright infringement, which is considered a serious offense. Hence, it is important to respect and seek permission for any use of someone else’s intellectual property.

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