How to Record Streaming Video on a Smart TV?

Streaming video is a great way to enjoy your favorite shows, movies, sports, and more on your Smart TV. However, sometimes you may want to record streaming video on your Smart TV so that you can watch it later, offline, or on another device. For example, you may want to record streaming video on your Smart TV if:

  • You have a limited internet bandwidth or data plan, and you want to save some streaming video for offline viewing.
  • You want to watch streaming video on a different device, such as your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, without using the internet.
  • You want to create a personal video library of your favorite streaming content or share it with your friends and family.
  • You want to edit or modify the streaming video, such as adding subtitles, captions, effects, or annotations.

Whatever your reason, recording streaming video on your Smart TV is possible, but not always easy. Depending on the type and source of the streaming video, and the features and settings of your Smart TV, you may need different methods and tools to record streaming video on your Smart TV.

In this article, we will show you some of the most common and effective ways to record streaming video on your Smart TV, as well as some tips and tricks to improve your recording quality and experience.

Record Streaming Video on Your Smart TV Like a Pro

Method 1: Record Streaming Video Using Built-in Features of Your Smart TV

One of the simplest and most convenient ways to record streaming video on your Smart TV is to use the built-in features, if available. Some Smart TVs have a built-in recording function that allows you to record streaming video directly on it, without the need for any additional devices or software.

Check if your Smart TV has a built-in recording function. You can do this by looking at the remote control of your Smart TV, and seeing if there is a button that says “Record”, “REC”, or something similar. Alternatively, you can check the user manual of your Smart TV, or the official website of the manufacturer, and see if there is any information about the recording function..

To record streaming video using the built-in features of your Smart TV, follow these steps:

Step 1: Begin by connecting your USB drive to an available port.

Step 2: Once connected, locate and select your preferred show.

Step 3: Activate the recording feature by tapping/pressing the Record button. The selected show will now be recorded and stored on the connected USB drive.

Method 2: Record Streaming Video Using a Stream Recording Software

For optimal recording of live or streamed programs on your Smart TV, employing an external screen recorder is recommended. Selecting a reliable recorder, such as EaseUS RecExperts, ensures efficient video recording. This software facilitates the easy recording of videos in high definition, with the added advantage of built-in audio recording capabilities. Furthermore, users can harness advanced features like multi-screen recording, scheduled recording, and more for a comprehensive recording experience.

Now, link your computer to the Smart TV and proceed with the steps below to capture streaming video follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download and install the EaseUS RecExperts.

Step 2: Open the software, click on the downward triangle, and select the “Enhanced mode” option.

Enhanced mode

Step 3: Select whether to record the screen and audio simultaneously using your webcam, microphone, or system sound. This versatile recording capability extends to platforms like Netflix, Vimeo, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney, YouTube, and more.


Step 4: Initiate the recording by clicking the “REC” button. Subsequently, press the respective button to pause or end the recording as needed.


Method 3: Use DVR to Record Streaming Video on a Smart TV

For optimal TV show recording, a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) proves to be the ideal device. Connect your DVR to your Smart TV using an HDMI cable or another compatible cable. After completing this connection, proceed with the following steps to record streaming videos on a Smart TV.

Step 1: Establish an internet connection to ensure access to the streaming video each time, thanks to cloud storage. Next, find your favorite television program on your TV.

Step 2: Select the show by clicking on its name, then tap the Recording button located beside it. This action will prompt the DVR box to initiate recording, saving the shows directly to cloud storage for your convenience.

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Record Streaming Video and Rule the Remote

With native recording options and powerful software at your disposal, the world of streaming video is yours to command. Binge-watch guilt-free, create your library of cinematic gems, or even capture live events and share them with friends. So, grab your popcorn, settle in, and hit that record button – the ultimate binge-watching experience awaits.

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