How To Read Free Ebooks With Wattpad Stories?

Most of us are bored to hell as we are all stuck up in our homes due to the lockdown implemented because of the pandemic situation created by the Novel Corona Virus or COVID-19 as it is popularly called. You can watch all the TV you want, play board games, listen to music and even cook delicacies you never tried before. But there is one task which is more enjoyable than others, and that is simply to Read a Book.

Read Free eBooks with Wattpad Stories - quarantine

Reading has gradually decreased as a past time activity and hobby after the advent of smartphones and YouTube, where you could watch a book instead of reading it. Also,after reading most of the famous authors, I feel that most of the new books are sort of predictable, and I generally lose interest in the middle. That is why, after searching for new dimensions of reading, I finally came to discover a wonderful application on my smartphone with thousands of books by random authors. The best thing was the style of writing as it was different as these authors were not money minded and were fearless in penning down the strangest and wildest thoughts ever.

If you are interested in reading something different from the mainstream books, then you must install Wattpad application on your smartphone (Android or iOS) and browse through the thousands of novels in different genres.

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So What Are Wattpad Ebooks?

Read Free eBooks with Wattpad Stories at Apple app store

Wattpad is an Android app that is like a giant library with thousands of eBooks in many genres. Most of the books are free to read, and some are paid, which can be purchased by tokens known as coins within the app. It is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. There are 20 + genres that you can choose from, and among the common ones like Adventure, Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Romance etc.There are a few rare genre types like Historical, Urban, LBGTQ and Fanfiction. But the genre which fascinated me the most was “Werewolf” which generally comes under horror category. I also wished there was a separate section for “Vampires”, but I did find many eBooks under the horror section.

Read Free eBooks with Wattpad Stories categories

Another important feature about Wattpad is that it acts as an interacting social application between the author and the reader. When an author publishes the story (can be an uncompleted story as well), the readers can start commenting after every chapter or even paragraph if they wish to, about what they feel about the story so far or what a particular line means to them. This also means that you will not find the most famous and popular books here. Instead,you can find some revolutionary writers try to make a name for them with something different that the usual mood of the books that are available in the primary stream market today.

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How To Start Reading Free Ebooks With Wattpad Stories?

So, if you are interested in exploring the world of Wattpad Stories, then download the app on your smartphone. Do not download it from third-party websites and stick to the official website or Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Download: Wattpad Stories for Android | iOS (Free)


Read Free eBooks with Wattpad Stories google play storeOnce you download and install the app, tap on the shortcut icon to launch the app. The first screen of the Wattpad Stories app would ask you to sign in by entering a few details like name, email etc. Alternatively, you can sign in by using your Facebook or Google account to speed up the process. It would then ask what you would like to do – read or write and then proceed to the home screen.

Read Free eBooks with Wattpad Stories Login

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How To Find Something To Read On Wattpad Stories?

Once you are on the home screen, you can start scrolling down the home page and find various books sorted as per their genre. You can either click on any icon that you find fascinating and then click on read to start reading the Wattpad eBook. Some titles are paid, and you will know once you click on the icon. Those books need to be purchased before you can read, but most of the books are free, and you can start reading immediately.

Read Free eBooks with Wattpad Stories Free and Paid

Once you have selected what you want to read, tap on the icon and then on the Read button. This will bring you straight away to the first page of the free eBook, and you can start reading. Scroll down to reach the end of the page. If you want to change the chapter, then tap once on the phone screen and locate the hamburger menu on the top right corner. Tap on it, and it will reveal a contextual menu with the list of chapters.

Read Free eBooks with Wattpad Stories comments and Library

You can also add a Wattpad eBook to your in-built library in the app and save it for later reading. The library can be accessed by three vertical lines located in the bottom row of the app. Wattpad also prompts you to add books to your library if you try to exit without reading a page completely.

And finally, if you notice some bubbles with numbers on the right side of the text while reading a book, those bubbles indicate the number of comments made on a particular line or paragraph next to the bubble. You can tap on the bubble once, and it opens up the comments page, where you read what others are saying about a specific part, and you can add your comments as well.

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So Have You Started Reading Free Ebooks With Wattpad Stories App?

Wattpad provides a unique opportunity to comment on a book and convey your thoughts to the author. It also provides several free eBooks which otherwise are difficult to obtain legally. And finally, readers can read several books with content that is different from mainstream books.

Do check out the free eBooks available on Wattpad and let us know which one did you like the best and your overall experience of using the app in the comments section below. Also,follow us on social media – Facebook and YouTube. We post regularly on the tips and tricks along with solutions to common issues related to technology. Subscribe to our newsletter to get regular updates on the tech world.

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