Hey, Bookworms! Here are 6 Best Websites to Read Books Online

The smell that emanates from freshly printed books is truly indefinable. It’s right that the digital revolution has killed the traditional publishing, but even today there are people who prefer printed books that make reading physically pleasurable.

No doubt that eBooks have shaken the print industry, but several studies proved that though both eBooks & printed books are moving parallelly in the market. People love both the presence of hard copies and accessibility of eBooks.

So, going with the flow or moving with the world where technological advancement is rampant. Get ready to create your own collection of virtual books with this Best book reading websites.

Best Websites to Read Books Online
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Amazing eBook Sites to Read Books Online

Let’s take a jump in the pool of best book reading websites you won’t be able to resist:

1. Project Gutenberg

project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg tops our list of one of the best eBook sites, which was established by a man known as Michael Hart who invented eBooks in 1971. With the mission to motivate people towards reading and adapting eBooks. This oldest digital library has a huge collection of more than 57,000 free eBooks.

If you’re fond of reading classic novels, this is surely the best place for you to visit. Just like physical bookshelves, this website has categorized each genre in virtual bookshelves for easy browsing of eBook online.

Another feature which is much useful for a reader is that the website helps you to save your favorite eBook for reading, directly to your personal cloud storage. Project Gutenberg corroborates with Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Means easy accessibility and more convenience!

2. BookBub


Next on our list of eBook sites is BookBub best known for producing new and fresh content, just create an account, it’s for free! And get access to thousands of eBooks.

Based on your account, BookBub sends a user a mail on a daily basis which contains great recommendations of books. Also, send some heavy discounts on your preferred eBooks.

BookBub also notifies a user about new releases & pre-orders from your favorite writer. The website doesn’t actually see eBooks but makes user available the books they love on several retailers like Apple iBooks, Amazon’s Kindle Store, and others.

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3. ManyBooks


Next, we have ManyBooks another great website where you will find loads and loads of free books to read.

With a good-looking interface, ManyBooks contains over 30,000 eBooks online which are available for free of cost and many at good discounts also. From Action to Sci-fi, this website features 15 categories of genres to read.

You’ll find dozens of formats here to download your eBook, search for what you’re looking for and ManyBooks will present you it to you in fractions of seconds. It also features RSS Feeds which updates the user about the fresh & brand-new content that is updated on the website.

4. Wattpad


Most popular eBook reading platform in the world is Wattpad. A community of avid readers and writers create fresh user-generated stories based on genres such as Romance, Classics, Humor, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, and more.

It’s not an only an eBook site but also a social networking platform where a user can directly interact with the writers and share their views & opinions.

With more than millions of audiences, this website supports over 20 languages. And like every minute over 10K readers get connected to a new story.

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5. Open Library

Open Library

As the name suggests, Open Library serves an open digital library which has one web page for every book published. From fantasy to History to Art you’ll find good reading material and every genre here.

Its advanced search option allows you to search with a title, author and even if you don’t remember the name of the book you can search with your favorite line also. Amazing, Right?

Choose thousands of free eBooks to download from the greatest selection of eBooks. Different formats in which eBooks are available to download are PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and DJVU.

6. Goodreads


Last but not the least; we have Goodreads on our free eBook sites. If you love contemporary books? This place is meant for you! You’ll also find Book Reviews, plot discussions, summaries and feedbacks here.

Goodreads is an interactive community where people share their thoughts on a particular book. The website also features a Quotation Section which contains motivational and inspiring wordings. This section is admired the most!

Keep track of eBooks you have already read and which one you want to read next!

So, these were some of the best book reading websites where you can spend your precious time reading some good content.

It’s 100% percent true that “There is no friend as loyal as a book”. From old classics to tech guides, these websites have a huge & great collection of books. Hope the aforementioned list satisfies your craving for Books. Do share in the comment section which website you liked the most

Till Then Happy Reading! 🙂

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