How To Make Your PC Wake From Sleep Automatically

Usually, whenever you need to wake up your Windows PC from sleep mode, you have to press the power button or, in some laptops, any button. However, Windows 10 has built-in settings to help you do the waking up process automatically.

Windows 10 PC allows you to schedule your PC to wake up from sleep mode using the Task Scheduler. However, the feature seems of less use but can come very handy when you want your PC to perform downloads and updates in late hours or in case you are not in a situation to shut down and need it to boot up again without hampering your work the next day.

Here’s how you can head to Task Scheduler and schedule an automatic wake up for your Windows 10 PC from sleep mode.

However, before we head to the task scheduler, you must enable Wake Timers to ensure that the PC wakes up at the specified schedule.

How to Enable Wake Timers?

Step 1: Head to Control Panel.

Step 2: There head to Hardware and Sound ==> Power Options.

power option in wake timer

Step 3: Head to Change Plan Settings.

Step 4: Click on Change Advanced Power Settings.

change advanced power setting

Step 5: Expand the Sleep Section? Allow Wake Timers.

Step 6: Enable the Wake Timer settings for both On Battery and Plugged-In conditions.

enable on battery and plugged in

Now, let’s head to the scheduling and automatic wake-up time of your PC from sleep mode.

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How to Schedule Your PC to Wake Up from Sleep Automatically?

1. Setting up Wake Time

Step 1: Type Task Scheduler in the search bar. Select Task Scheduler and open it.

task scheduler in windows, pc wake from sleep


Step 2: To create a new task, click on the Create Task option in the right-hand side menu under Actions.

create task in action, how to make your pc wake


Step 3: A new Create Task window will open. There under the General tab, name your task.

create task and set name


Step 4: In the same tab, go down and check the boxes for Run Only When User is Logged On and Run with Highest Privileges. This is to ensure that the Task Scheduler wakes up your Pc even though you’re logged out of it.

Run Only When User is Logged On in security option


Step 5: Then select your Windows version in the Configure for menu.

configure for menu in windows

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2. Create a Trigger

Step 6: Now head to the Triggers tab. There, click on New. That would open up a New Trigger window.

create trigger in windows


Step 7: You can set a specific time for your PC to wake up from sleep. This could either be a one-time affair or can be repeated over specific intervals.

set a specific time of trigger


Step 8: In the Advanced Settings menu in Triggers, you can delay tasks, set the task on repeat, or decide an expiry date for the concerned task.
advanced setting menu in triggers


Step 9: Press OK.

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3. Set Actions

Step 10: Head to Actions tab and click on New.

head to action tab in create task

Step 11: Here, you’d need to assign at least one action for the PC to wake up. This will give your PC a reason to wake up. You can choose the task from the Action drop-down menu.

set a program in windows

Step 12: If you decide to start a program, you must browse through the folders/files that you wish to run once the PC wakes from sleep.

start a program action in windows

Step 13: Now, in case you don’t want to run a specific program, type in [cmd.exe]” in the Script and add an argument  [/c”exit]. This will wake up the PC to run the command prompt, and the added argument will shut it down without executing any option immediately.

run a specific program to wake up the PC

Step 14: This will confirm your task created. Just save it and put your PC to sleep, only for it to wake up as the time of the task you created nears.

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