How to Make WhatsApp More Secure and Private

In an era dominated by instant messaging, WhatsApp has become the go-to communication app for millions of people around the globe. With its user-friendly interface and a wide array of features, WhatsApp offers a convenient way to stay connected. However, as the popularity of the app continues to soar, so does the need to prioritize security and privacy. This article aims to guide you through various methods and best practices to make WhatsApp more secure and private, ensuring your personal information remains protected from prying eyes.

Tips to Enhance WhatsApp’s Security and Privacy:

1. Update WhatsApp Regularly

Keeping your WhatsApp application up to date is crucial to maintaining its security and privacy features. Regular updates include bug fixes, security patches, and improvements to the overall functionality. By staying updated, you can benefit from the latest security enhancements and ensure your data is safeguarded.

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2. Enable Two-Step Verification

Two-step verification offers an additional layer of protection, mitigating the risks of unauthorized access to your WhatsApp account. By activating this feature, you establish a unique six-digit PIN that must be entered whenever your phone number is registered with WhatsApp. Even if someone gains access to your SIM card, your account remains secure.

Tap on the three vertical dots icon from the top-right corner of the screen and simply go to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Two-Step Verification > Turn on. Then follow the on-screen prompts.

Two step verifiction

3. Turn on Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp’s disappearing messages feature guarantees that any messages exchanged will be automatically erased for all recipients after a set duration. By enabling disappearing messages, you can enjoy added privacy or simply avoid the need to retain received messages indefinitely.

To activate the disappearing messages feature for a particular chat or group chat, access the chat or group chat and tap on the name of the group or contact at the top. From there, select the option for Disappearing messages. Then, decide on a timeframe after which messages will be automatically deleted.

Disappearing message

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4. Turn-On Security Notifications

Whenever a new phone or laptop joins an ongoing chat, a fresh security code is generated for both devices. WhatsApp also provides the option to receive a notification when the security code changes. This allows you to verify the encryption with your friend using a different messaging platform, assuring the utmost security.

To turn-on security notifications head over to WhatsApp settings > Account > Security notifications > make sure the toggle switch for Show security notifications on this device is turned on.

security notifications

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5. Password Protect WhatsApp

Enhancing the privacy of your WhatsApp messages further, you have the option to secure the chats with your fingerprint or facial recognition. By doing so, you ensure that only you can gain access to WhatsApp, even if you lend your phone to your friend or family member without a screen lock.

To lock your WhatsApp chats from prying eyes go to a particular chat/ group chat and tap on the name of the chat or group chat from the top > Chat lock > Toggle on the switch right in front of Lock this chat with passcode. Now follow the on-screen prompts.

Chat lock

There’s a slight limitation to this feature—it is exclusively accessible on phones equipped with facial or fingerprint verification and you can lock particular chats with this, not the entire WhatsApp application. If you prefer password-based locking, you’ll need to utilize a third-party app specifically designed for that purpose.

Systweak Software has developed an application called Locker For Whats Chat App that serves as a WhatsApp Chat Locker. This app can be downloaded and installed directly from the Google Play Store. With Locker For Whats Chat App, you gain the ability to lock your WhatsApp chats and safeguard them by utilizing a 4-digit PIN or biometric fingerprint authentication. As a result, you can easily secure the entire WhatsApp application with just a single tap.

Locker Whats Chat App

This app is an exceptional application that optimizes resource usage, requiring minimal battery power and storage space. Moreover, its user-friendly interface is designed to be intuitive and doesn’t require any specific training or technical expertise to operate efficiently.

So what are you waiting for? Download Locker Whats Chat App now and password-protect your WhatsApp with a single tap.

6. Avoid Suspicious Links and Messages

No application is immune to phishing attacks and malware, and WhatsApp is no exception. Exercise discretion when clicking on links, especially those from unfamiliar contacts. Refrain from downloading files or interacting with dubious messages claiming tempting offers or prizes. Educate yourself and others about common phishing techniques to ward off scams effectively.

7. Control Your Privacy Settings

WhatsApp provides a range of privacy settings that allow you to control who can see your profile information, last seen status, and read receipts. To adjust these settings, navigate to WhatsApp Settings > Privacy. Here, you can choose to share your information with everyone, only your contacts, or customize it to specific individuals.


Additionally, you can disable read receipts to prevent others from knowing whether you have read their messages. You can also safeguard yourself from spam calls by enabling the Silence unknown callers function. Can control your location sharing with others via Live location.

8. Use Official WhatsApp Desktop App

Official WhatsApp Desktop App

To utilize WhatsApp on your computer, it is essential to synchronize your phone with either WhatsApp Web or the official WhatsApp desktop applications. For added security and reliability, it is advisable to opt for the official desktop app. According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), one of the significant security concerns for WhatsApp users is the potential vulnerability of WhatsApp Web to manipulation. This represents a substantial security threat. In response, the EFF recommended the adoption of desktop clients as a solution to mitigate these risks.

While there may be alternative options available that offer additional features, it is important not to compromise security for the sake of these enhancements.

9. Be Selective with Third-Party Apps

WhatsApp offers a wide range of features within its app, eliminating the need for many third-party applications. However, if you do decide to use third-party apps that integrate with WhatsApp, exercise caution and verify their legitimacy and security practices. Only download apps from reputable sources, read user reviews, and pay attention to the permissions they request.

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Make Your WhatsApp More Secure and Private

By implementing the strategies outlined in this comprehensive guide, you can boost the privacy and security of your WhatsApp account. From embracing regular updates to enabling two-step verification and exercising caution with links and messages, each step plays a pivotal role in safeguarding your data. Remain proactive, stay informed, and prioritize your privacy to establish a secure and enjoyable WhatsApp experience for yourself and your contacts.

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