How To Make Invisible Folders In Windows 10?

You would have heard about hiding folders in Windows 10 by altering the view properties of the folder and assigning a hidden attribute. This is generally done in case of system files so that they do not get corrupted or deleted accidentally. However, this article will explain how to make invisible folders in Windows 10 that are different from normal folders that can be hidden.

Why Make Invisible Folders?

An invisible folder is always helpful to hide files and other folders in plain sight. This means that such a folder will always be there on your desktop, but no one can see it, including yourself. The only way to access it would be to double click on the appropriate section of the desktop where the folders lay hidden, and it would open.

However, an invisible is not protected or encrypted in the matter. It does appear that as if nothing exists on the spot, but if someone stumbles upon your secret folder, it can be easily opened and accessed as a normal folder. But it is undoubtedly safer than many other ways of hiding stuff and without further ado let us examine the steps on how to make invisible folders in Windows 10.

How To Make Invisible Folder In Windows 10?

There are three significant steps on how to create invisible folder in Windows 10.

Step 1: Create A Folder

how to make invisible folder create folder

The first step is to create a simple folder on the desktop. Right-click on any empty space on your desktop and from the contextual menu, choose New and then click on Folder.

Step 2: Rename The Folder

how to make invisible folder Rename

The second step involves renaming the folder in a manner that the name of the folder is not visible. This means you will have to use an ASCII code to rename the folder instead of alphabets and numbers.

Right-click the newly created folder in Step 1 and choose Rename. Then press the ALT key on your keyboard and type in the numbers 255 from the numerical keypad only. The ASCII 255 is actual non-breaking space or NBSP, which means it is a character but remains invisible always. Renaming your folder with this ASCII will replace the name with invisible character and hide the section of the folder that displays the name. Remember, you cannot rename a folder by pressing the spacebar.

NOTE: If you use the top row number keys above the alphabet, the ASCII code will not appear.

Step 3: Change The Folder Icon

how to make invisible folder change icon

The last change required in How to make an invisible folder in Windows 10 is to replace the folder icon with a blank icon. Make a right-click on the new folder created (must be without a name by now) and click on properties from the context menu.

Select the Customize tab and choose Change Icon button. This will allow you to select any icon you want from the list. Scroll towards the right until you locate the three invisible icons. Please select any one of them and click on OK and Apply.

This will make your folder invisible.

Some Issues With How To Make Your Folder Invisible

The “How to create an invisible folder“ is not perfect and has specific issues and will not lock your folder.

  • In some computer, the folder might not appear to wholly invisible but rather the folder icon would look like a black box instead. Restart your computer and try again.
  • If someone highlights the entire desktop icons, then an empty square with a visible outline will appear in place of the invisible icon.
  • If you view the Desktop folder through file explorer, you will see a blank space indicating your folder.

The Final Word On How To Make Invisible Folder In Windows 10?

The above method will help you on how to create invisible folder in Windows 10, and this can be used for novelty purpose. Do not rely on this folder for safety. For securing your folders, you can use password protection on folders or keep your stuff on an external pen drive. However, you can surely have a lot of fun by making invisible folders on your desktop.

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