How To Make Background Transparent In Paint & Paint 3D?

Paint is probably the coolest tool of Windows and does wonderful jobs that we usually try to seek in other software. Well, in this blof but we will walk you through steps to make the background transparent in Paint. Amongst all the Windows image editors I have seen, Paint is the simplest one and can easily create background transparent.

How To Make Background Transparent In Paint

Method 1: Cutting Out The Foreground Object

Usually creating transparent background is useful for those who want to use an object in a new image. In this case, this method is best.

Step 1: Open Paint by typing it to the Windows Cortana search bar.

Step 2: Click File and Open. From here, select the image you wish to open.

Step 3: Choose Select button from the top bar. As the menu unfolds, select Transparent Selection button.

How To Make Background Transparent

NOTE that if you copy the image after Transparent Selection and paste it on another Paint file, the background becomes transparent. (You can try it with an image having white background)

Step 4: Now, under Select option. Choose Free Form Selection. Now, you can carve out the foreground object, and the rest of the image will be made transparent.

How To Make Background Transparent in paint

Step 5: Now right-click on the previously selected object and choose Cut. This step is required to make an invisible background in paint, and it will remove the foreground as shown in the image.

How To Make Background Transparent in paint 3d

Step 6: Now that you have gained the object accordingly, paste it on another image. For this, open a new image or new file in Paint. Once you paste the image, you can make editions to it as and how required.

NOTE: The transparent image is not liable to ‘Save’, you might need to take a screenshot of the same.

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How To Make Background Transparent In Paint 3D?

Method 2: Set Transparent Background In Paint 3D

This method works differently than the above method. Let’s see how to make an image transparent in Paint 3D now.

Step 1: Type Paint 3D in the Windows Cortana search bar. In case, if you do not have the application in your Windows system, get it from here.

Step 2: Now open the Paint 3D app.

Make Background Transparent In Paint 3D

Step 3: Now reach to Menu > Browse Files > and finally select the image you wish to edit.

create Background Transparent In Paint 3D

Step 4: Select the Canvas button from the top bar. From the right Canvas bar, toggle on the switch of Transparent Canvas.


Step 5: Choose the Select button from the top, and choose the area you wish to delete. Press Ctrl+X to cut out the image.

Select button

Step 6: Now click Menu > Save as and select 2D PNG option here. Finally, Save the image.

Step 7: Now it’s time to open a new canvas with Menu > New.

Step 8: Open the image file which is going to act as your background layer first. For this, select Menu > Open > Browse files.

Step 9: Above this image, you are going to save your previously selected image in Step 6. So, click Menu > Insert. Select the transparent image you have saved earlier. This image will open on the top of the background layer.

paint 3d

Step 10: Adjust the new image as per your requirement. Later, you can make changes using brushes or colors from the right panel.

Additional Tip:

Blur The Background

An efficient application for Mac users, Focus and Blur, does a great job in making the products you choose to focus on and background blurred. It is very easy to use, has the coolest interface, and contains multiple powerful tools to make various adjustments.

Blur The Background

Apart from learning how to make the background transparent in Paint, you can also keep this tool as it is a great companion when it comes to getting an important part of picture blurred or focused.

How To Make Background Transparent In Paint?

We believe that you must have found the answer to your question, and you can use any of the above methods to customize the images. From selecting a particular object to changing the background transparent, you are reaching near to the goal. You may also check:

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