How to Lock and Unlock an Android Phone Using Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a virtual personal assistant introduced by Google at the developer conference in May 2016. Be it playing videos or checking the easiest route to beat the traffic, Google Assistant can do it all. Earlier Google Assistant was available for  Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. But, after the developers conference in 2017, Google Assistant has been further extended to support a large variety of devices.  Unlike Google Now, Google Assistant can engage in two-way conversations.

 In this article, we will discuss how to lock and unlock an Android phone using Google Assistant.

Get Google Assistant:

If you have Google Assistant on your phone, then skip this step. If not,  follow these steps

 Note: You need to get the beta version of Google App and Google Play services to get Google Assistant

  • To enroll for the Google beta program, go to settings
  • Locate Google and tap on three dot menu icon and click on Help and Feedback
  • On the Help page, click three dot menu icon and select View in Google Play Store
  • It will navigate you to Google Play services on Google Play store.
  • Scroll it till the end of the page. You will get an option “Become a beta tester”, click on I’m in.
  • Click “Join” on the following prompt.
  • To enroll for Google Beta services, go to Google on Google Play Store.
  • Scroll it till the end of the page. You will get an option Become a beta tester, click on I’m in.
  • Click “Join” on the following prompt.

Note: You will get an option to update Google Play services and Google, update them.

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  • Now go to Settings
  • Click on Language and Input and change your device language to US(English)
  • Now again go to Settings-> All Apps-> Google->Storage-> Manage Space->Clear All Data Button.
  • Go to Settings-> All Apps-> Google Play Services->Manage Space->Clear All Data Button.
  • Now open Google App, Click on the Hamburger Menu(three horizontal lines)-> Settings-> Google Assistant Settings-> Turn it on-> Press and hold the home button and the Google Assistant set up window will pop-up. Follow the on-screen instructions. It is done.

 If you are confused, how to do it, check out this video

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How to Unlock Your Phone

Once you have Google Assistant all set up on your phone. You can unlock your phone by saying OK Google. The voice command will open Google Assistant, you can now interact with your phone. You can check e-mail, latest news, make phone calls, open apps and more.

Note: For some Android phones, on some occasions, you might be asked to enter your Passcode to unlock the device

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How to Lock Your Phone

You can definitely command Google Assistant to lock your phone, but it is a tedious task as it is not an inbuilt feature. Follow the steps to get it done:

First, install a screen lock app, anyone can do it. You can download Screen Lock, Lock Screen or Screen Off or any app that suits you

  • Once installed, open Google Assistant.
  • Tap the menu (three dots) button and go to Settings > Shortcuts.
  • On the Shortcuts tab, tap the blue + button.
  • Fill in a new shortcut with the following information:
  1. When I say Ok Google: Lock phone
  2. Google Assistant Should do: Open Screen Off

It is not necessary to use the same command, use anything that’s convenient for you, you can also use any screen lock app that suits you and type the name of the app installed beside Google Assistant Should do.

Amazing right!

In this way, you can unlock or lock your Android phone with your voice using Google Assistant.


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