How to Keep your WhatsApp Account Safe from Hackers

When it comes to text messaging apps, WhatsApp is the first name that comes to our mind. WhatsApp has literally taken over the old-fashioned way of simple texting and has given us a whole new platform for connecting with our loved ones and not just restrict to sending plaintexts. From sending pictures to videos to live location WhatsApp is the modern approach of texting where we can do so much more.

keep WhatsApp account safe

But one of the most important reasons for WhatsApp’s worldwide popularity is that it’s secure. WhatsApp is built and designed in such a way which gives us a powerful sense of security that our account, personal data, and conversations are always in safe hands. WhatsApp follows end-to-end encryption to keep our conversations and privacy intact. And not just texts, even your photos, videos, voice messages, files, calls everything is encrypted. So, before we start our quick guide on how to keep WhatsApp account safe from hackers let’s understand how WhatsApp’s end to end encryption mechanism works.

What is End to End Encryption?

WhatsApp Account Safe from Hackers

Like we said earlier, with end-to-end encryption all your WhatsApp data stays far away from cyber criminal’s reach. When you send a message to someone, only they can read your text and no one else in between as your messages are sent with a secure lock. Only the intended recipient has that special key which unlocks this lock and only then they’re able to read your message. This amazing mechanism is followed by WhatsApp in the background each time you send a text to any contact.

The same mechanism is followed to encrypt your calls as well. No third parties, hacker or cybercriminals can interrupt and reach out for your data.

Another important reason which makes WhatsApp a secure text messaging platform is the fact that it doesn’t store your messages on servers. So, no third party can every try to access your vital information in any conceivable way.

How to Keep WhatsApp Safe?

No matter how much we trust this application, there are always a few measures we can take to keep our WhatsApp account safe and secure.

Lock WhatsApp with a PIN

How to Keep WhatsApp Safe

This is one of the first things to do after you’re done installing WhatsApp on your device. Lock the app with a security code or PIN so even if somebody gets access to your smartphone, they still won’t be able to exploit your private conversations. Android users can always lock individual apps on their phone, but iPhone users are a little out of luck here. Well, if you’re using WhatsApp on an iPhone then you can always add a passcode and keep your device locked.

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Restrict Access to Profile Picture

WhatsApp profile Safety

As WhatsApp is the most commonly used platform, there are tons of people added to your contacts list. But you never know when and how somebody can misuse your profile picture for anything. So, head on to WhatsApp’s privacy settings and restrict the privacy settings of who all can see your profile pic and set it to “Contacts only” rather than “Everyone”.

Beware of Scams

Beware of whatsapp Scams

As almost everyone uses WhatsApp for texting, many marketers are using this platform to advertise their products and offers. So, just be extra careful when you receive any weird message from an unknown contact and if it contains any link, try, and not open it right away.

Don’t Share Personal Info

Yes, we know WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted but what if anyone steals your phone? Just to extra careful just make sure that you’re not sharing any vital information like credit card numbers, SSID etc. in your conversations. And even if you’re doing so, then don’t forget to delete those texts right after sending.

Log Out of WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp account security

WhatsApp web is an amazing service that allows you to send and receive text messages from the PC. But if you’re using WhatsApp Web just make sure you log out once you’re shutting down the system. You obviously don’t want anybody else reading your private conversations, right?

Above listed are just a few measures which you can take to keep your WhatsApp account safe from hacker’s or cyber criminal’s reach. As you’ve now learned about how to keep WhatsApp account safe we would hope that you will follow these tips so that your confidential data always remain in safe hands.

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