How To Get Rid Of Chromium Malware

While using your computer when you see any activity which is unusual or seems suspicious, it is always a good practice to check your recent downloads. Since Chromium malware is notably a common issue when it is downloaded as a silent add-on program along with the free software program. To avoid getting the malware in your system, please read the license and agreement details carefully. Ignoring the problem cannot be good for your system as with a foreign element infliction is putting your crucial data on risk.

What Is Chromium?

Chromium is an open source web browser which is free to all and you can use it just like any other web browser. It is a legitimate project of Google, in fact, Google Chrome is based on Chromium. It also provides with a Chromium code to help in developing new web browsers.  New Microsoft Edge and Brave are to name a few of the web browsers based on Chromium. Since its open source, people use this to make changes in the software and release it online. The open-source version does not track your user statistics since there is no ownership to report back to. However, the altered versions of the Chromium browsers may be used to track your behavior.

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How Is It A Malware?

Chromium is an open source web browser project and it’s prone to get the attention of miscreants trying to mess with it.  As it is open-source, anyone can download the code and change it as per their requirements and create a new build of it. This new application may not be safe and also, it may not be as per the specifications and guidelines prescribed by Google or the Chromium Project team. If you see a different web browser than your default Google Chrome, it might be possible that you have a malware issue.

Whenever you try to access Google Chrome and it is showing you a blue colored icon on your taskbar which looks quite different from your usual experience of internet browsing, you may not have the ‘original’ Chrome browser installed. It has been seen that a lot of adware, spyware, malware and other bugs may be bundled in a custom build of Chromium. Moreover, the address bar remains on the top of the screen or shows other unexpected behavior and is hard to get rid of.

It might appear mysteriously on your system someday. The reason might be as simple as your regular use of Chromium or you got this malware sneaked in along with a software download.

How To Get Rid Of Chromium Malware on Windows 10?

It is likely that the software got downloaded because you were surfing through certain websites which use bundling to add on the Malware along with the main program files. It is a potential threat to our privacy as it focuses on tracking our activities online, for the purpose of showing more ads or tracking the browsing pattern to sneak in other malicious software

Today, we learn how to get rid of the Chromium Malware on Windows 10.

The best way to remove Chromium Malware requires to uninstall Chromium Web browser as a first step. And later you will have to search through all folders to look for any other files or folders which are new to you.

We recommend you getting a System Cleaner to check all the system files and scans for any kind of malicious products. Advanced System Protector is a great tool for detecting virus, malware, spyware and adware and removing them entirely from your system. It’s easy to use and saves so much time by fast scanning and cleaning.


We used Advanced System Protector to get rid of Chromium Malware –

Download it by clicking on the button below:

Once the Download for Advanced System Protector is complete, launch the set-up file for the application. You are ready for the scan.

Click Start Scan Now.  This initiates a complete scan of your system thoroughly, which will last for a few minutes. You can select a scan type, as per your preferences.

Once it’s done you can see in the Infection Scan section that a list appears namely –

Internet cookies, System Memory, System Registry, File System/Folders. In front of each area, the number of items appearing as infected with some kind of malware.

You can click View details to find out the details on file names and locations. This helps us in checking for corrupted file names.

To remove all the infected files, click on Clean All.

Voila! Your computer is free from all kinds of malware.

Well, now your issue has been resolved and your system is completely protected. However, just to doublecheck, we have also followed other security measures, we are about to learn how to do this manually.

Follow the steps:

Step 1: Uninstall Programs-

Press Windows Key + R and type appwiz.cpl. It will open up Program List in Control Panel.

Uninstall Programs

Now locate all the unknown programs from the list and click on Uninstall. In our case, we need to look for Chromium and Uninstall it as this is creating a threat to our system. Another program which is seen commonly along with Chromium Malware issue is Web discover, uninstall it as well.

This won’t be enough sometimes as these programs start to appear once we restart our system as they come with a code to rediscovered. So, we have to follow the next steps to make sure to remove them from everywhere.

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Step 2: Clean in Registry Editor:

Disclaimer: Before moving further, make sure you are familiar with making modification in your system. Also, try to do it in Safe Mode for safety measures. We would not suggest you modify any of the Registry entries without taking a backup. To take backup, open Registry Editor and go to File->Export. Save the registry backup file on a preferred location.

Open Start Menu>Search Registry Editor > Open it.

  • Go to Computer>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> Software

Open all the folders and check for all the files and folders in there which need to be deleted. You should locate Chromium and other unwanted app folders and remove them. We can locate them by looking through for the corrupted file names we read in the scan. You will see certain folders which are empty that is because certain programs have been removed from your system after uninstalling.

Clean in Registry Editor

  • Go to Computer>HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software

Open all the folders and check for all the files and folders in there which need to be deleted. We can locate them by looking through for the corrupted file names we read in the scan. You will see certain folders which are empty that is because certain programs have been removed from your system by uninstall.

Clean in Registry Editor-1

Step 3: Remove Extensions:

Open Web browsers,

For Google Chrome, find them on your Top right tab, right click on them one by one, and click on Manage Extension. It opens the settings for the particular extension and then click on Remove extension.

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Step 4: Change back to default:

  • Go to PC>Local C> Users>Username>AppData>Local>Google.Chrome>User Data.

Note: Replace Username by your Login name on your computer

  • Go to Folder named Default and rename it as Backup Default. This will clear the Restart Chrome.

To Conclude: It’s recommended to download the Advanced System Protector to keep your system clean. However, we have suggested to clear up the corrupted files from your system by yourself. Hope the article helped solve your problem and now you know how to get rid of Chromium malware.

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