How To Fix YouTube Audio Renderer Error On Windows 10

Are you also getting a message on the YouTube video which reads ‘Audio renderer error?- Please restart your computer.‘? It must be annoying, and we understand it. This is why we have got you to fix to solve audio renderer errors on YouTube. You would like to know that audio renderer error on YouTube is not just fixed with one browser on Windows, but it may appear on others as well, be it Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Brave or Edge. 

There could be various reasons behind the audio renderer error, including the conflict in the connection between sound drivers and ASIO driver, a glitch in audio driver, bugged version or improper software update. Without worrying about any error, let’s figure out how to fix audio renderer errors on YouTube.

Fixed: Audio Renderer Error Youtube Windows 10

Fix 1: Unplug And Replug Your Headphones

Let’s start with the basic method. Unplug your headphones and replug them in the jack. The problem should be gone by now.

Note that this fix can act as a temporary solution only and does not fix the audio renderer error YouTube Windows 10 permanently. To find a permanent solution, you need to check other solutions mentioned below.

Fix 2: Try Restarting Your Computer

Just like the first solution, this solution is again temporary. You can restart your computer and find if the error is fixed. The error may return after some time. Hence it is best to go for a permanent solution. To know the permanent solution, scroll

Fix 3: Time To Run Audio Troubleshooting

Expecting that audio renderer error on YouTube is still flashing and this is why it is best to run troubleshooting to repair audio issues. For this, follow the steps below.

Step 1: On your keyboard, press Windows logo + R at the same time. As the dialogue box opens up, type’ ms-settings: troubleshoot‘ and click OK.

Time To Run Audio Troubleshooting

Step 2: As the troubleshoot tab opens up, go to Playing Audio and here click Run the troubleshooter

Audio Renderer Error Youtube Windows 10

Step 3: Wait for some time till the investigation is completing on its own. Select the device with which the problems are coming up and click Next.

Step 4: In case some issue is bothering the device, the repair strategy will take place. Now click ‘Yes’ to fix it.

If any other instructions follow, apply them, restart the computer, and finally, you will be able to sort audio renderer error on YouTube on Windows 10.

Fix 4: Restart Your Audio Driver By Disabling/Enabling It

In this method, you need to disable the audio adapter in the device manager and re-enable it after a few seconds to get rid of Audio renderer error. You don’t even have to restart your computer to resolve the issue. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Press Windows logo + R key at the same time Run window will open. 

Step 2: Type devmgmt.msc, press Enter and the device manager will open.

Step 3: Click and expand Sound, video and game controllers. Here, right-click every adapter and disable them all. 

Restart Your Audio Driver By Disabling/Enabling It

Step 4: Wait for some minutes and now right-click on each of them and select Enable Device.

Now try running YouTube once again and find out if the audio renderer error on YouTube is resolved.

Fix 5: Update The Audio Driver

A significant reason for errors in the PC is because of outdated drivers for hardware devices. To update the driver, you have both manual and automatic methods.

For manual methods, you can download the driver from the manufacturer’s website itself and download the recent driver. 

Yet we recommend the automatic process so that overall drivers are updated and work together perfectly.

Step 1: Download Smart Driver Care on your Windows system.

Step 2: Run Smart Driver Care on the PC and let it scan all the outdated drivers.

Update The Audio Driver

Step 3: Update the specific driver or choose to Update All. 

It will automatically update the audio driver, and you will probably be able to fix the YouTube audio error on Windows 10. 

Fix 6: Roll Back Audio Driver

If the latest version of the driver is not working properly or creating issues with the computer’s working process, you can work on the process below by rolling back the driver to the previous version.

Step 1: Press Windows logo + R on keyboard, type devmgmt.msc and click OK.

Step 2: Go to Sound, video and game controllers, right-click on the audio adapter and click Properties.

Step 3: Now under the Driver tab, choose Rollback driver and keep following the instructions that come up next. 

Step 4: Restart the computer, and you can quickly get rid of the audio error on YouTube on Windows 10.


We are sure you will be able to resolve YouTube audio errors on Windows 10 by the end of these methods mentioned above. With that said, you can try out:

Shoutout if your problem has been resolved and let us know in the comments section below. 

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