How To Fix Xbox Game Pass Perks Won’t Work On Windows

Even while Xbox Game Pass offers access to a vast library of games and freebies, using these benefits can occasionally be difficult. This can prevent perks from appearing, cause error messages to display, or just prohibit perks from working as they should. Find out the various problems that could be a factor in the issue as well as the various solutions.

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Troubleshooting Xbox Game Pass Perks Not Working on Windows: A Technical Expert’s Guide

Method 1: Update the Details of Your Account

Update the details of your account

Check your account information once more in the profile management or account settings sections of the Xbox app and the Microsoft website to get started. You need to focus on:

Verify Age Mentioned In The Account

Xbox Game Pass customers must be at least 18 years old, according to the minimum age requirements. You may experience limitations when using Game Pass benefits if your Microsoft account’s current setting for your age is less than 18. Therefore, be sure that the information on your account truly reflects your age.

Regional Availability

Often times, specific Game Pass benefits are restricted to specific areas or nations. We advise using the official Xbox sources to confirm that the benefits you are attempting to claim are accessible in your area.

Check PC’s Date, Time And Regional Settings

After making these adjustments, we also advise double-checking that your system’s date, time, and region settings are accurate. Your Xbox account may also experience troubles if your region settings are incorrect. To resolve this, modify the Windows Clock settings.

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Method 2: Verify Your Subscription

Verify Your Subscription

Check if your Game Pass subscription is active. If it’s expired or your payment is declined, you may have problems.The fact that Xbox Game Pass has several subscription tiers and that some benefits are exclusively accessible to Game Pass Ultimate subscribers should also be noted.

You can determine whether the benefits you are attempting to claim are available with the tier you are registered to by looking up your membership information. On occasion, the subscription section may also contain detailed instructions on how to use or activate the benefits. Make sure you follow each step closely to avoid missing anything.

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Method 3: Use A Different Device

Use A Different Device

Some Xbox Game Pass users have reported that changing the devices have helped them resolving the issues. If you experience the difficulty as a result of software or hardware compatibility problems, this is usually helpful. For instance, moving to a more powerful computer can enable you to access a perk if it requires specific hardware requirements and your device doesn’t have them or falls short of them.

Additionally, there may be certain specific problems with your current device that affect Game Pass benefits. You can find out whether the issue is exclusive to your gaming PC or Xbox console or whether it affects all platforms by switching to a different one.

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Method 4: Update The Xbox App

There may be glitches in the outdated Xbox software that prohibit you from using your Game Pass benefits. These kinds of issues are typically fixed by updating the Xbox app. Here’s how to go about it:

Step 1: To launch the Search function, simultaneously press the Win + S keys.

Step 2:  Type “Microsoft Store” app and click the Store app result.

Step 3: After selecting the Library icon, press the Get updates button on the right side of the screen.

Get updates

Step 4: After the app updates have been completed, close the Microsoft Store app.

Step 5: Press Win + I to open the Settings App.

Step 6: Click on Windows Updates tab in the left panel.

Windows Updates

Step 7: Now click on Check for Updates button in the right side.

Step 8: Click on Download and Install button against each update listed to completely update your PC.

Step 9: Restart your computer when finished.

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Method 5: Repair/Reset The Xbox App

You can repair and reset the app to rectify problems if updating it did not help. We advise logging out of your Xbox account and resetting your Microsoft Store account before continuing with this procedure. Once that is finished, follow these steps:

Step 1: To launch the Settings app, press the Win + I keys simultaneously.

Step 2: Click on Apps in the left pane.

Step 3: Click on Installed Apps option.

Installed Apps option

Step 4: Locate Xbox in the App list section by scrolling down.

Step 5: Select Advanced Settings by clicking the associated three dots.

Step 6: Scroll down to the Reset section.

Reset section

Step 7: Click the Repair button first,  and check if the issue has been resolved.

Step 8: Finally, click the Reset button as the last option.

Warning: Resetting the Xbox app will delete all apps and games. Back up your game saves before doing this.

Step 9: Reboot your PC.

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Did You Fix the Problem? What are Your Thoughts?

We anticipate that the aforementioned adjustments will make it easy for you to access and use the benefits. You should contact the Xbox support staff if the situation continues. They can offer you a diagnosis of the issue and a solution that will work.

Please let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or recommendations. We would be delighted to provide you with a resolution. We frequently publish advice, tricks, and solutions to common tech-related problems.

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