How To Fix A System32 Hal.dll Error On Windows

Although, Windows computers are widely used everywhere, they tend to develop errors after prolonged usage. The errors may be basic or as complex as crashing an application or refusing to launch at all.

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You may also happen to witness a system failure or interruption with a blue screen error on your PC. You are probably familiar with an error that says:

dll file error

System32\Hal.dll error represents either the hal.dll file is not present/corrupted or one of the boot.ini file is damaged. In both the cases, the issue requires your attention on priority. The problem may also occur if the hard drive has encountered any physical damage, i.e. fallen, heat, EMF etc.

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Fortunately, this error can be resolved in two different ways. We’re going to jot down both the ways to fix a System 32 hal.dll error on Windows:

A. By recovering the damaged/missing file using Windows disc:

  1. Insert the Windows bootable disc and restart the machine.
  2. As soon as it restarts, press “F12” key to choose boot device and select to boot from CD.
  3. After the setup files are loaded, press the “R” key that stands for repairing, using the Recovery Console utility.
  4. Type the command “expand e:\i386\hal.dl_ c:\windows\system32\hal.dll” and press enter.

dll file comand prompt5. Press “Y” on being prompted to overwrite the file.

6. Type “exit” and press the “Enter” key on command prompt.

7. Restart the machine. The problem must’ve been resolved.

B. By recovering through a recovery software:

In a situation where you don’t have a Windows disc with you, you can still fix the System32 hal.dll error on Windows machine. As it’s a rampant issue, there are multiple third-party software available, which are designed specially to deal with this error. These tools are handy and resolve the issue whether the file is missing, damaged or corrupt. You can get these software simply by various developer’s official websites.

Taking everything into account, it’s clear that fixing a System32 hal.dll error may test your patience. But, by applying any of the above methods, you’re out of the problem and can use your machine like before. Note that it’s very important to backup your data regardless the method you’re going to try to fix the problem. In case the problem is not resolved by applying the methods, there’s a high chance that your hard-disc is physically damaged and a new disc is required.

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