How To Fix 504 Gateway Timeout Error in Any Website

There’s nothing more worrying and annoying than browsing to your favorite site, WordPress site and encountering an error. Some common ones that you experience are 502 bad gateway, default gateway not available, etc. All these errors including 504 Gateway Timeout Error result in loss of revenue as users bounce from the site.

Today, in this article we will discuss what causes 504 error and how to fix it.

What is 504 Gateway Timeout Error?

HTTP 504 error indicates, the server trying to load the requested page is not getting a timely response from another server. This error can appear in an internet browser on any operating system and on any device. This means 504 Gateway Timeout Error is not OS-dependent.

What causes HTTP 504 error?

There are different variations of 504 Gateway Timeout errors like HTTP 504 Gateway Timeout, HTTP 504 Error, HTTP 504, Gateway Timeout (504), 504 Gateway Timeout NGINx, etc. All of these occur due to the following reasons:

  • Silent firewall drops.
  • The origin server is not working properly or is down.
  • The intermediary server doesn’t respond to the request at a specified time.
  • The proxy server or router in the local network is overburdened or has crashed.
  • Incorrect proxy settings.

504 Gateway timeout Error

How to fix 504 Gateway Timeout Error?

If you encounter 504 error instead of loading the page, it means there is a server problem on the part of the website provider. Hence to fix gateway timeout error you can try following the methods explained below:

1. Reload requested web page

Usually, 504 bad gateway error appear for a while. The easiest fix to resolve 504 Gateway Timeout error is to refresh the web page for this you can press F5 or can press Ctrl + R keys. Alternatively, you can also re-enter the URL.

2. Reset/Restart network devices

If Gateway Timeout error occurs within a home network the problem can be resolved by resetting all network devices. There is a possibility that the modem, router, has been configured incorrectly hence the HTTP request cannot be carried. In addition to this, if you face HTTP 504 error on each site you try to access, it is a clear sign that the problem is with the router. This means you need to reset the router to fix 504 bad gateway error message.

3. Check or disable proxy settings

If you are unable to fix 504 error after refreshing the page you should check your browser settings. Usually when the configuration is defective, or you use a different proxy you get Windows could not detect proxy settings. To fix it you can read our guide on how to fix Proxy Settings error.

504 eror_cloudfare

4. Change DNS server

DNS server helps connect different servers on the Internet. If the DNS server you’re using is down, you can encounter 504 Gateway Timeout error. The easiest way to resolve this error is to change DNS server used by the router. For this head to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Centre screen and change the DNS server settings.

On Mac look for Settings > Network > Advanced button > DNS tab.

After changing DNS server now try to visit the website you should not face 504 bad gateway error.

5. Retry after a while

This may seem too simple, many times 504 error isn’t complicated. By simply reloading the web page after a while you can resolve HTTP 504 error.

6. Try using a different browser

In case the website is working, and you still encounter 504 Gateway Timeout error, try using another browser. In addition to this, you can even try clearing browser cache and cookies or open it in incognito mode.

7. Flush DNS

Sometimes 504 error can be a result of incorrect outdated DNS cache. To flush DNS open run window by pressing Windows + R. Here type cmd and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter. This will open the command prompt in administrator mode.

Next type ipconfig /flushdns. This will help fix 504 Gateway Timeout Error.

In addition to this clear Chrome DNS cache.

8. Adjust proxy settings

If you are connected to the Internet via a proxy server, there are chances the site you are trying to access is unable to get a response. Therefore, to resolve 504 error you need to disabled network proxy settings or can disable it. You can also contact your internet service provider to troubleshoot the issue.

9. Disable VPN

If you are using a VPN service, try disabling it as it can be one of the reasons for HTTP 504 error. If the error disappears this means VPN is the culprit. However, if using a VPN is important, switch to a different VPN.

If nothing has worked, try disabling the website firewall as it can be one of the reasons responsible for gateway timeout. In addition to this, you can contact your Internet Service Provider to resolve and can also check plugins. As outdated and incompatible plugins may cause 504 Gateway Timeout Error. We hope using these steps you were able to resolve the problem. Do leave us a comment to let us which method worked for you.

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