How To Find Your Lost Apple Watch?

Do you want to learn how to find your lost Apple Watch? Or you ever think about what are you going to do next if ever your Apple watch gets lost or stolen?  There are methods to regain access to the Apple watch. It all comes down to the time of action, and how well do we know the procedure. Also helpful in case, somebody steals your Apple watch and you realize it and want to wipe out the data. There are different methods available for tracking a lost Apple watch. So do not panic and try the instructions given below to find out the whereabouts of your Apple watch. This is the article for you to look for how to find the lost Apple watch.

How To Find Lost Apple Watch?

Few things to keep in mind while looking for a lost Apple watch:

  • Has to be connected with your iPhone.
  • Must have a battery charged so it can operate.
  • The connection is established in a region where it must work.
  • Should not be used in the Family network.

Check these methods to  be applied for how to find lost Apple watch.

Method 1: On your PC follow the steps given below,

If you have not been able to locate your Apple Watch and you doubt that you must have left it someplace, you can use this method. It works smoothly with the Apple account. You can log in from your personal computer and find out the location of the lost Apple watch.

Step 1: Go to the web browser and in the address bar type

Step 2: Thereafter, look for the account and Go to ‘Sign in Apple ID’. Here sign in to your Apple account and login using respective credentials.

Step 3: You will see that it will initiate verification and permission prompt for your registered phone. A notification is sent on your iPhone asking you to click on ‘Allow’ to let it access or else ‘ Don’t Allow’ to deny the permission.

Step 4: In this case, we need to select Allow to get the notification code.

Step 5: A two-factor authentication code is received as a pop-up message.

Step 6: Once signed in, click Find iPhone.

Step 7: Click All Devices. You will be prompted to enter a password.

Step 8: All devices connected to your account will be shown with the last active location.

Step 9: Click on Apple Watch on the map to see the location.

Method 2: On your iPhone:

This is another method to use when you are looking for how to find lost Apple watch. Carry the steps given below and it will be easily locate it for you on your iPhone. You need to have your iPhone connected with the device you are trying to look for.

Step 1: Go to Find My app.

Find My app

Step 2: From the bottom of the app, select Devices tab.

Find my Devices tab

Step 3: All the listed devices will be shown. Click on Apple Watch. You will get the information related to Apple Watch. Also, you can Play sound and Get Directions.

apple watch 2 (1)

If your Apple Watch is nearby, you can tap on Play Sound to find it easily.

Note: In case, you can’t track your Apple Watch on a map, there are chances connected to Wi-Fi or your paired iPhone.

How To Put Your Apple Watch In Lost Mode?

In case you are not able to track your Apple Watch, you can lock your Apple Watch using your paired iPhone. Once you have found that it is not possible to track it anymore you must follow the steps. This is to ensure your data to be safe and if possible to get it back with the message displayed on it.

On your iPhone:

  1. Go to Find My app.
  2. From the bottom of the app, select Devices tab.
  3. All the listed devices will be shown. Click on Apple Watch.

apple watch 2 (1)

  1. Swipe up to get more options on Apple Watch.
  2. Under Mark As Lost, click Activate.

apple watch 3-2

  1. On the following screen, click Continue.
  2. Enter your phone number where you want to be reached, in case someone finds your Apple Watch.
  3. On the next screen, enter the message that you want to display on the watch screen.
  4. Tap Activate to complete the process.

How To Cancel Lost Mode?

On your iPhone:

  1. Go to Find My app.
  2. From the bottom of the app, select Devices tab.
  3. All the listed devices will be shown. Click on Apple Watch.
  4. Swipe up to get more options on Apple Watch.
  5. Click Activated under Mark as Lost.
  6. Tap Turn Off Mark As Lost, then on the following window, click Turn Off to confirm the action.


These are the simple methods to locate you lost Apple Watch. The timely action will help you give the answer to the find my iPhone Apple watch. Please let us know your views on the methods used for how to find lost Apple Watch in the comments section below. We would also like to know about what new implementations you would want to see in it what other methods you can try. Also, follow us on social media- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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