How to Enable Offline Browsing in Firefox and Chrome

Internet is mankind’s biggest innovation which allows us to access any piece of information irrespective of location and time. No matter where we are, internet ties us down together allowing us to connect with friends and family. No wonder why Internet has become a huge part of our lives—so much that imagining even a single day without it is impossible.

But due to technical glitches and connectivity issues there are times when we’re not able to access internet. To deal with such scenarios, our most popular web browsers provide us with Offline Browsing mode where we can access our favorite websites without internet connectivity. Before going any further, let’s understand Offline Browsing in detail.

What is Offline Browsing? When it is Suitable?

Enabling offline browsing on a web browser allows you to read an article and access websites even when you’re offline. This feature caches the previously opened pages in a web browser. If you haven’t enabled this option yet, the web browser will display internet connection errors on screen. (Refer below snapshot)

offlien mode in web brwoser

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The benefits of Offline Browsing are most suited when you don’t have internet and you need to read your previously favorite articles.

So, if you’re wondering how to enable Offline Browsing in Firefox and Chrome here are the quick steps:

How to enable Offline Browsing in Firefox

The Mozilla Firefox work offline is a great feature to enable offline browsing. You can enable Work Offline mode in Firefox to access saved/cached webpages without the Internet.

  • Open Mozilla Firefox, press Alt key to see the menu tables.
  • Select the “File” button from the navigation bar.

enable work offline

  • Now select the “Work Offline” option.

Once you’re done restart Firefox browser to see the effective changes.

How to Enable Offline Browsing in Chrome

Follow these steps to enable offline Browsing in Chrome:

  1. In the Chrome address bar, type chrome://flags and hit Enter. Here you’ll see a big list of features with a warning from Google saying “Careful! These experiments may bite”.

chrome work offine

  1. Here you need to find a feature named Enable Show Saved Copy Button. It will be a bit hard to find between so many other features, so it is best to use the “Find” (Ctrl + F) feature of Chrome and type “show saved” in it.


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  1. Once found, click on the “Default” button below it to open the drop-down menu. You will see two ways to enable it: “Enable: Primary” and “Enable: Secondary.”
  2. Select “Enable: Primary” option, and then you will see a “Relaunch Now” button below.

relaunch the chrome for offline

  1. Click on it to restart Chrome, and the offline mode will be enabled.
  2. Now next time when you’ll launch Chrome with Offline Browsing, click on “Saved Copy” option to access your favorite websites.

show saved copy

Cool isn’t? Now you can never get bored on airplane rides or if you’re stuck at a poor connectivity location. By enabling Offline Browsing on browsers, you can access the cached version of previously opened websites.

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offline browsing

A great option to kill time, right?


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