How To Earn Free UC In PUBG Mobile In The Most Legit Manner

Earning UC or Unknown Cash in PUBG mobile is what players need direly. UC is PUBG’s game currency, which can be used to purchase premium items such as upgraded weapons, high-end protection kit, character designs, cool outfits, and whatnot. Every PUBG player knows how much these UCs are worth. Earning UCs in PUBG is like a winning golden goose for regular players, and is the road to back-to-back chicken dinners.

PUBG Mobile In The Most Legit Manner

But, UC in PUBG mobile comes at a cost. Unknown Cash has to be purchased in exchange for real money, and the current rate for buying UC is $0.99 for every 60UC currencies. But it’s too hard to make that call when you have to spend money to get your favorite PUBG guns. So, the question arises, whether one can earn free UC in PUBG mobile. And if yes, how to earn free UC in PUBG.

Here, we list out some obvious, and not too obvious methods that can get you free UCs on your PUBG account, which can be further used to stock up your profile with the best weapons and kits. Time to take on PUBG battle with the best supplies you can buy.

Take Note: Before we proceed with telling you some legitimate ways to earn UC in PUBG mobile without jeopardizing your account, take note that UCs cannot be earned directly for free and there is a little bit of a payment that you might have to do. However, we assure you that by using these methods, you won’t require to connect your account to the third-party app and you won’t have to jeopardize your account being blocked.

Method 1: Buy a Royale Pass and Thrive On Royale Points

Buy a Royale Pass and Thrive On Royale Points

This is the first method. Here, all you need to do is buy a Royal Pass worth $10 in a one-time purchase, and you’ll be set for unlimited unknown cash rewards and other gift items. Here’s how it works:

1. Buy a Royale Pass for $10.

2. You’ll get 600 UCs in this purchase along with a bonus of 60 UCs.

3. A Royale Pass holder has entries to multiple PUBG missions. Every mission holds a reward of completion that depends on what position you’ve scored in the battle. Start competing in these battles.

4. For every battle, you earn UCs, or you earn new moves, cards, cosmetics, character apparel, etc. You can use the earned UCs for further purchases.

5. There is a guaranteed reward of 30 UC if you manage to earn 5 Royale Points in your mission.

The basic formula is that you make a one-time purchase and then keep completing missions to keep the chain of earning free UC in PUBG mobile. You can further use the earned UC to buy more passes, which would ultimately form a loop. Yes, it does require users to play weekly missions regularly, but again, only a regular PUBG warrior would crave for Unknown Cash and weapons updates.

Method 2: Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a survey app from Google, which can be downloaded from Play Store. The app notifies users of any new survey available. All users have to do is answer survey questions and earn Google Play Credits. Here’s how you can earn free UC in PUBG mobile using Google Opinion Rewards:

Step 1: Download Google Opinion Rewards from Play Store.

google opinion reward app to earn reward fro PUBG game

Step 2: Wait for any new survey. You’ll receive a direct notification for the same when a survey is available.

Step 3: Take the survey. It may have more than one question. For every survey, Google would reward you with some unknown amount of Google Credits.

Step 4: Use those credits to purchase UC on PUBG mobile. Since you haven’t paid pocket cash for the same, it’s basically earning free UC in PUBG mobile.

This is a slower method to earn UC in PUBG, but as it goes, it’s free and does not require any kind of purchase at all. But again, this is a legitimate purchase that does not involve any hack or scam that may eventually lead to your PUBG account being blocked.

Take Note. You can also use cashbacks on Amazon Pay Wallet to purchase UCs on PUBG Mobile.

Do Not Use Third-Party Apps

There are a bunch of third-party apps that claim to have some hacks that would allow users to earn free UC in PUBG Mobile. But, we recommend that you refrain from any of these illicit ways to do that. Let’s take some examples:

1. There is an app called Tunnel Bear that claims to help you earn PUBG UCs worth $2 for free in one instance (a process which can be repeated). But there is a whole hectic process behind it. It would even require you to remove your Google account from your phone and create a new one using a new email ID. It’s a faulty app that may collect a lot of your data under the pretence of app permissions.

2. Another app called WeGame is also trending, claiming to reward upto 7000 PUBG UC. But again, you’ll be required to signup to the app using your Facebook account, which should be connected to your PUBG account as well. The app is currently unavailable in various regions, and we recommend not to use it for data security.

There are many apps that run cashback programs that can be used to buy and earn free UC on PUBG Mobile. However, these programs run temporarily, and their terms and conditions change over time. As for using hack-apps, it would be a danger to your smartphone and your account’s security if you use them to get free UC in PUBG mobile. To make the matter more serious, PUBG developers have officially stated that they are regularly banning users who are trying to hack into the app and violating their policies. So, it’s better to earn UC in the most legitimate manner possible.

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