How To Download Or Update Drivers For HP Printer

In case you’ve installed an HP Printer at your home, and it seems to be dysfunctional at times, then it indeed is facing some internal trouble. The trouble is not always with your Printer hardware or with the computer it is attached to. It’s just a simple case of driver setback. Every printer needs a supporting driver in the PC to function properly so that the computer can understand and execute printer commands.

If the driver is not updated or properly installed, your Printer commands might fail or wouldn’t execute themselves properly, hence rendering your printer useless. But, there are simple solutions to overcome these issues. The driver issue in HP printers can be associated with its updates, reinstallation, etc.

Hence, to get back your HP printer to work correctly, you either need a built-in HP printer driver update, search for HP printer updates online, or download driver for HP printer of yours. Here are the processes outlined to do either of them when the need arises.

How to Get HP Printer Driver Update in Windows PC

The most widely proposed method for updating HP printer drivers or any driver for that matter is to head to the Windows device manager and manually update the required drivers. Follow these steps to proceed for updating the HP printer driver.

Step 1: Right-click on the Start button.

Step 2: Head to Device Manager.

Step 3: Find the Printers section. You’ll find your printer name in the drop-down menu.


Step 4: Right-click on the name, a side menu will appear.

Step 5: Click on Update Driver.

update driver

Step 6: Select Search Automatically.

The automatic process from hereon will update the driver. All you need to do is restart your PC to activate the new driver update for HP printer on your computer.

In case the driver is up to date, you’ll be notified accordingly. In such a scenario, see if you have any Windows update pending. Sometimes, an outdated Windows version causes issues in the functioning of peripheral devices such as printers.

How to Update Windows 10 Version

To fix HP printer driver update issues or any other peripheral device, once check for Windows version update as well. This can be done in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Press Windows+I to open Windows Settings.

Step 2: Head to Update & Security.

best driver

Step 3: Under the Windows Update menu, click on Check for Updates.

Windows will automatically initiate the download and installation process for any Windows 10 update if available. Just restart your computer once to activate the new configurations.

There might be instances where you have to reboot your entire OS. In such a scenario, you might lose the HP printer driver updates or even the HP printer driver itself. These missing HP drivers can be downloaded from the HP Support website directly.

How to Download Driver for HP Printer

This process is a bit techie, but you can do this if you follow the procedure accurately and download driver for HP printers:

Through HP Easy Start:

Step 1: Go to Here. Enter your printer model and follow the instructions appearing on screen for downloading drivers for HP printer.

hp printer

Step 2: A HP printer driver installation app called HP Easy Start will start downloading.

Step 3: Once the app is downloaded, all you need to do is to run the app and follow the on-screen instructions.

easy setup printer

Step 4: Choose a connection type as a USB.

Once you finish the setup, your update will be downloaded, and you wouldn’t need to go through the steps below.

Through HP Support:

Step 1: Go to HP Customer Support; there, enter your printer model.

identify your printer

Step 2: Confirm the version of the Operating System of your PC.

Step 3: A page saying, Let’s Identify Your Product may be displayed. Here type your printer model number and submit it. This is a free page; if this doesn’t appear, you’ll be taken to the driver options directly.

Step 4: Click Choose a Different OS in case you need to change the operating system. This step is optional.

Step 5: Under the heading Driver, click Download and download driver for HP printer.

software and driver

Step 6: Set the connection type to USB.

Step 7: Follow the steps and complete the setup. Now, you have successfully downloaded the driver for HP printer.

There is an additional automated way to update the downloaded drivers for HP printers. That is through Smart Driver Care. Smart Driver Care is a Windows-based tool that automates the process for updating drivers for HP printers as well as other drivers in the system. This takes off a load of manual driver update for HP printers and helps in saving user efforts and time.

How to Update Driver for HP Printers using Smart Driver Care

Step1: Download Smart Driver Care.

Step 2: Start with system scan for available driver updates, which will include driver updates for HP printers.

scan result

Step 3: Once the scan is completed, all outdated drivers will be listed on-screen. Click on Update All, and the automatic driver update for HP printer and other system drivers will begin.

And that’s it. With this one-click driver updater, you can install all driver updates and also update the HP printer driver without any hassle.

The tool has a Backup option where you can create a backup of previous driver versions in case you ever feel the need to roll back the system to an earlier date. Its user-friendly interface and quick scanning process saves users’ time and effort and helps them in updating system drivers and drivers for HP printers easily and quickly.

Using these methods, any user can download and update the driver for HP printers; however, the Smart Driver Care is the best and the quickest way to install any driver update for HP printers or any other devices in the computer. Through its fast system scan methods, one does not only saves time off manual driver updating but also fastens the update process making it effortless.

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