How To Download Files Quickly And Easily With uTorrent

Do you want to speed up your downloads on Torrent? In this blog we will tell you how to download files quickly & easily with uTorrent. Technology can be used in both legal and illegal manner. It depends on how you use it and who you are. If you’re an average Internet user, you think of it as a source of free stuff. If you’re CEO of a large media corporation you are afraid of data piracy. And if you’re not technical, you think of it as a magical way by which your tech-savvy friends find all that great stuff without paying.

When you hear the words “torrent”, BitTorrent and uTorrent, are the first things that come to your mind is ‘piracy’. But you are wrong! uTorrent is legal. Here, we will explain you how to use one of the best uTorrent services.

uTorrent is free to download and use, but while using it, make sure you you are not installing any unwanted software.

  1. Get uTorrent

The first thing you’ll need to start is to grab a uTorrent, which is completely free to download and use. To start the installation, double-click the executable file and click ‘Next’ on the following two screens. Click ‘I agree’ after reading the license agreement, then click ‘Next’.

Don’t check the option to create a firewall rule. After that, decide if you want to run uTorrent at startup before clicking ‘Next’. uTorrent’s installer mostly includes adware, click ‘Decline offer’ to avoid installing it, and uncheck the box if there are any other offers.

To complete the process, click ‘Finish’

  1. Find a source

After installing a good uTorrent, find a source of torrents. There are several legal options. The Internet Achieve is a good one to name. It offers extensive collection of music, software, TV shows, movies, books and more, all available free and legally.

To explain things better, say you are looking for Charlie Chaplin movies, you will find it under Charlie Chaplin Festival collection. Once you are on the page for the movie, you’ll see a ‘Torrent’ link. Click on it to download the .torrent file.

You need not download all the files in a torrent; pick and choose the ones you want and decide where they should be saved.

  1. Select your files

Torrent files are tiny, so they don’t take time to download. Double click on them and uTorrent will open showing you the files that are associated with the torrent. Usually you’ll download all of them, but if you are not interested in some, you can untick the box next to any file.

To save the file, use the option to the left of the window. You can even add a label to locate it easily. Once you are done click the ‘OK’ button.

uTorrent also shows you the information about the files it’s downloading, including the time remaining until each one is complete

  1. Check the statics

To see details of the all the torrents currently downloaded, switch to the main uTorrent interface and select the ‘Torrents’ section on the left of the program window.

The easiest way to download torrents is via Magnet links, just click one and uTorrent opens.

  1. Understand magnet links

Magnet links work in the same way, but they cut out the extra step of having to download an extra file to start downloading a movie or other content.

Magnet links can be used to download any type of file. The beauty of magnet links is that they’re so simple to use; just click the link and uTorrent will open up ready to start the download.

With uTorrent, it’s easy to prioritize downloads. Just use the arrow buttons to rearrange them

  1. Prioritize downloads

If you’re downloading two or more torrents at the same time, you may want to decide which is to be downloaded first. The quickest way to do this is to switch to the main uTorrent window, select the torrent you want to prioritize in the right-hand side of the window, and click the up arrow to move it up the list and vice versa.

You can even manage the bandwidth allocation, if you are using your internet connection for other tasks while you’re using uTorrent.

  1. Limit bandwidth usage

To limit download speed so that other web browsing is not slowed down, double-click the torrent you’re downloading in the right-hand side of uTorrent and the Torrent Properties dialog will appear. From, here adjust the maximum upload rate and maximum download rate.

Note: Leaving the values at the default setting of 0, will use all the available bandwidth.

Seeding the torrent lets other people download parts of it from you, sharing the burden

  1. Seed the file

Using torrents to download files is a form of peer-to-peer (or P2P) networking, which means that everyone downloading particular files shares the burden of responsibility.

Once a download is complete, it’s good etiquette to leave the torrent running so other can continue to download from you. This is known as seeding.

When you’ve done this for a while, you can remove the torrent or magnet link from uTorrent by right-clicking the entry in the list to the right of the program window and selecting ‘Remove and delete .torrent’.

You can enjoy your downloaded file while you’re seeding, so there’s no need to wait to watch that video you’ve been waiting so eagerly to see!.

Hope this quick learning guide will help you use uTorrent more efficiently and effectively. Also hope now when you hear the word “torrent” you don’t connect it with piracy.

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