How To Disable Siri On Your iPhone

iPhone comes with a myriad of amazing features and Siri is one of them. It is a virtual assistant with a voice-controlled natural language interface that answers almost every question of yours. However, some of the users prefer to access things manually on their devices. In case, if you’re one of them or if you’re not fond of Siri but fall into the category of iPhone users, you can easily disable Siri on your lock screen. In fact, you can disable Siri altogether on your iPhone as well.

Disable Siri To Avert Accidental Triggering

Have you ever faced a situation, when you felt your iPhone buzz while your smartphone is locked and kept in your jeans pocket? If yes, then maybe because Siri got activated triggered by fluke. Well, to fix it all you need to do is, long-press your home button to get her/him going. Moreover, you easily avert or control the current action played by the culprit.

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How To Disable Siri On Your Lock Screen

It is the simplest and easiest way to preclude accidental Siri triggering. Follow the below instructions to do the same.

Step 1: Unlock your iPhone and go to Settings.
iPhone settings

Step 2: Choose ‘Touch ID & Passcode’ from the Settings menu.
iPhone touchID

Note: In case you’re iOS 11 user, then it will be Settings > Siri & Search.
iPhone siri

Step 3: Type your passcode, in case if it prompts.
iPhone passcode

Step 4: Scroll down until you see ‘Allow Siri When Locked’ or ‘Access When Locked’, kindly toggle off Siri under the same.
iPhone allow siri

Please keep in mind that after performing the above steps your Siri will be no longer available on your lock screen using either the “Hey Siri” commands or with the long press on the home button.

How To Disable Siri Altogether In iOS 11

Disabling Siri could be a wise decision for the People who prefer to open thing manually instead of using Siri. In order to disable Siri completely in iOS 11 follow the below steps:

Step 1: Locate your Settings icon.
iPhone settings

Step 2: Select ‘Siri & Search’.
iPhone siri

Step 3: Now, toggle off both ‘Listen for “Hey Siri”’ and ‘Press for Siri’.
Hey siri iPhone

Step 4: Now, you’ll be prompted to ‘Turn Off Siri’. Avoid the warning to disable Siri Completely.

Step 5: Click on “Turn Off Siri” to continue the process.

How To Disable Siri Completely In iOS 10

If you’re an iOS 10 user, then follow the below commands so that you disable Siri completely in iOS 10 without any agitation.

Step 1: Navigate to Setting icon.
iPhone settings

Step 2: Choose ‘Siri’ and toggle off ‘Siri’ from the available list.
siri turn off

Step 3: Now, you’ll be prompted to ‘Turn Off Siri’ along with a warning message.

Step 4: Click on ‘Turn Off Siri’ and then simultaneously long-press both the “Hey Siri” and on the home button shortcut.
turn off siri iPhone

Now, you know how to disable Siri on your iPhone in just a few steps. Let us know how it worked for you in the comment box below.

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