You Can Change How Siri Pronounces Words

You can ask any thing to Siri and like an efficient voice assistant she has answers for all your questions. Not only this, she is capable enough to do several tasks for you directly through voice commands. These are some of the features of Siri which everyone knows. But what if Siri is pronouncing your name incorrectly? It will be annoying if every time you interact with Siri and it pronounce your name incorrectly in front of everyone. This article explains how can you teach Siri to pronounce your name correctly.

Steps to Change How Siri Pronounces Words

  1. Say something which make Siri to say the word you are thinking of.

For instance, “Siri what is my name?” Siri will speak out your name.

  1. Tell Siri that she is saying wrong word. Now say “Siri this is not how you pronounce (The word or name)” Here you should also pronounce the word same as Siri pronounced it because till now Siri will not understand the correct pronunciation.Can Change How Siri Pronounces Words
  2. Siri will ask “OK, how do you pronounce (the word or name)” now you can speak that word the way you want Siri to pronounce it.
  3. Siri will give your 3 or 4 options you can listen to them and you can Select the most accurate one.

Can Change How Siri Pronounces Words

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  1. After selecting the option Siri will give you the confirmation.

Can Change How Siri Pronounces Words

That’s it from now you will feel at home while interacting with Siri. Siri has done its job smartly as always and you can thank Siri for the hard work. All such features make Siri an intelligent voice assistant.


  • comment_avtar
    You can’t teach Siri how to pronounce words in the Siri assistant. I had called in and talked to a support person and learned more about Siri versus the voices you can choose from to read text. I found out it’s really two different things. My issue was the American Siri female and male voice pronounced some words incorrectly and you can’t train a Siri voice to learn pronunciations of common words. For example: when asking Siri to read a text message she or he will ask, “do you want to reply?” But she pronounces the word reply like ree-ply, instead of reply with the accent on ply. Quirky yes but a little annoying.

    3 years ago

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