How to Disable Face ID on your iPhone X

Apple has given the iPhone X a facial recognition feature called Face ID and they made it more efficient and secure than their older Touch ID.

Its an impressive and a secure feature, but it brings up lots of questions in mind. Is it more suitable than Touch ID? What is this Face ID and how does it work on iPhone X?

Face ID a form of biometric authentication that uses dot projector, infrared camera, flood illuminator, and the A11 bionic chip to map and recognize your face. Initially, it scans your face and read it by the infrared camera and conveys the information to the bionic chip located in iPhone X.

How to disable Face ID on your iPhone X

The chip compares the information with the facial scan stored in iPhone X during the setup process. It scans your face in a wide variety of lighting conditions. It also updates your facial details as you wear a cap, change hairstyles, grow a beard, and so forth to still recognize you.

According to Apple: Face ID is 20 times stronger than Touch ID. It is allowing only 1 user in 1 million users to unlock their iPhone with their faces, versus 1 user in 50,000 users with Touch ID.


As we understand how incredible the feature is, there may be users who would want to  disable this Face Id? Now the question that may arise in your mind is why a need to disable Face ID arises.

Considered, facial recognition feature is an awesome feature to unlock your iPhone. But  sometimes when you may need security more than convenience, you would want to disable it.

For example, when you’re traveling to a place you have never been to and you come into an area where you can’t trust anyone, and are approached by people who would want to steal your information. In such circumstances they may easily unlock your phone if Face ID is enabled.

In this article, we will educate you with the steps to disable Face ID on iPhone X.

Steps to Disable Face ID on iPhone X:

There is just one single step to activate the Emergency SOS feature on your iPhone X. The feature is enabled by default on your iPhone however, it requires a shortcut to get quick access to medical information and the Emergency SOS feature.

To activate it, you can follow the steps below:

  • Simply press side buttons of the iPhone and press either volume button and the power button, and hold them for a while.Steps to Disable Face ID on iPhone X
  • Now, you can see medical ID and the Emergency SOS feature screen and this will instantly disable Face ID on your iPhone.Steps to Disable Face ID on iPhone X
  • Now, tap on Cancel Button.

Note: The above steps can be used to disable Touch ID on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.


There are some other circumstances where the Face ID gets disable on its own, here they are:

  • If you do not use Face ID for over 48 hours – iPhone won’t let you in without entering your Passcode.
  • If you reboot your iPhone – It will ask for a Passcode.
  • If you have made 5 failed attempts to unlock your iPhone using Face Id.
  • If you will not use your iPhone for six and a half days with Face Id, it will ask you for a Passcode.


As Apple says, Face ID is more secure than Touch ID, but there is always a possibility that someone can force you to unlock your iPhone using face to access your personal information.

So, Apple has provided us an Emergency SOS feature in iPhone X that can immediately disable Face ID on it, in case it becomes essential. Once the feature is disabled on iPhone X, it shuts down the biometrics feature and disables Face ID.

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