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Apple News - 2020-11-12

Here’s What Apple Announced in November 2020 Event (& One More Thing)

Apple’s newest event, “One More Thing,” just disclosed hardware live stream series. In the “One More Thing” event, Apple announced MacBook Air’s new version, the Mac mini, and MacBook Pro. Each one of them is getting M1 silicon, as promised. During the announcement, Apple focused on the Intel processors’ transition to Apple’s processor this year….

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Apple News, Tech News - 2020-05-08

Apple To Host virtual WWDC beginning June 22

Because of the pandemic, everything is changing, due to it either the tech events are being canceled or are going online. With that said, Apple is no exception, and this year instead of hosting WWDC at San Jose, California, the company is hosting it as an online event, free for developers on June 22nd, 2020….

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Apple News - 2020-12-14

Bored With Tv? It’s Time For Iptv! Apps For Apple Tv In 2021

IPTV or Internet Protocol Television brings TV content to live or on-demand on your various devices. There are apps available for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Firestick, Fire TV, and whatnot. While there are several IPTV apps available online, here we have tested & reviewed best IPTV Apple TV apps you should try in 2021. If…

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Apple News, Tech News - 2020-04-23

Apple Mail Can be Vulnerable to Email Hack

With all the bad news we have been hearing lately, 2020 seems to be a vexatious year. It seems nothing right is going to happen. Due to coronavirus tech events got canceled, hackers got a chance to create fake maps, send phishing emails, etc. Now, there’s bad news for Apple users. What’s that? iPhones can…

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