Android VS iOS: The Toughest Comparison Ever

It is certainly a tough call when you got to choose between Android and iPhone when buying a new smartphone. In fact, it is far easier to decide a good topping for your pizza than whether you should go for iOS or Android.

Both Android and iPhone have their respective pros and cons and both deliver awesome features. However, when it comes to choosing one, users do consider some specifications as key differentiating factors.

In this article, we have tried to jot down some of the basic yet important specifications that will help users decide whether to go for Android Smartphone or iPhone.

1. Hardware

The major factor in choosing any phone lies in the hardware specifications of the phone. Be it an Android phone or an iPhone, hardware plays a vital role.

While it is known that only Apple manufactures all the iPhone’s, it clearly takes a lead in controlling both the hardware and software working. On the other hand, Android has ample manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola, LG etc. and every other brand manufactures phones that differ in size, shape, quality, and weight.

While high-end smartphones in Android compete at power with iPhone, low-cost Android phones clearly lose the control over hardware and do not deliver up to the mark quality.

It is completely up to the user and whether they are comfortable choosing one from a bucket full of Android phones or just pick one model from iPhone that offers quality.

2. OS Compatibility

OS compatibility

It is always advised to have the latest Operating System installed on your smartphone irrespective of it being an iPhone or an Android phone.

Where Apple is known for rolling updates at regular intervals, Android lacks in it.

One more aspect that needs attention is the support for old phones. While Apple still provides support to its old phones, it’s not the case with Android phones. Many Android phones that get old do not get any kind of support.

To understand this better, let’s consider the newly launched Operating Systems for both iPhone and Android devices.

With iOS 11, Apple is still providing complete support to one of its oldest phones like iPhone 5s. Till date iOS 11 have been installed on almost 70% of iPhones.

However, when we talk about Android Oreo, the latest Android Operating System, it has not been installed on even 0.2% of Android devices.

The main reason being the manufactures of Android phones that do not roll out updates and hence result in extremely slow OS updates.

So, if you want your phone to have the latest OS installed the inclination would be towards iPhone rather than Android smartphones.

3. Apps


It is important to look whether you want quality or quantity.

While Google Play Store beats Apple App store by a high number when it comes to the number of apps available on both, it cannot when it comes down to the quality of Apps.

The number of apps on App store are relatively less but are quality apps. This is because App Store allows apps to be uploaded only after they clear the strict benchmarks set by App Store.

Android apps, on the other hand, gets easily uploaded to Play Store and thereby lacks the authenticity and quality. An example of such is the fake WhatsApp version that was uploaded to Play Store last year and was said to be downloaded by almost 1 million people. Such fake apps do pose a threat to the security of users.

Another negative aspect associated with Android is the number of phones for which an app needs to be developed. For an App to be available on Android, its manufacturer will have to develop the app in such a manner that it supports almost 500 Android-based phones.

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4. Support

Apple support

It is no doubt that both Android and iPhones work well, but both are susceptible to wear and tear.

When malfunctioning comes into picture, that only rescue point available is how easily you get the support for it.

While Apple has provided a single point for all the iPhone’s support, Android phone users certainly get ambiguous while choosing where to go.

iPhone users just need to go to a nearby iStore and everything is sorted easily. But for Android users, it is still a hard call to decide between the manufacturer, the device center, or the shop from where the phone has been purchased.

Considering how both provide support for their smartphones, it is evident that Apple certainly succeeds.

5. Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant

The next deciding factor between iPhone and Android are the features based on AI and voice assistants. Well, in this Android clearly supersedes the other.

Android phones have Google Assistant as their personal voice assistant. Since Android phones make use of Google Assistant, they can easily get assistance in anything and everything that Google knows. Like if you have to book a cab at 6 PM for airport and Google Assistant is informed about the same. In cases when there is heavy traffic it will suggest you book a cab early and not wait till 6 P.M.

However, Apple’s personal assistant, Siri though efficient cannot compete with Google Assistant. Though Apple keeps updating it with every new iOS release it still is not as efficient as Google Assistant and generally perform simple tasks such and set alarms etc.

6. Battery Life

iPhone, on an average, needs to be charged daily. With new models getting released the battery life has substantially improved. However, it is seen that with every iOS update, iPhone’s batteries drain too quickly and users have to wait until optimization patches are released.

Android, on the other hand, provides various sized batteries. New phones with ultra large screens usually have high power batteries that last longer than an iPhone.

7. Storage And Battery

It is always seen that Apple while releasing any iPhone majorly emphasis on delivering a simplistic and elegant product. Storage in iPhone’s are never extendable and they do not have the provision to change batteries if required.

However, with Android phones extending storage is simple. Almost every smartphone comes with the provision to extend the storage space. With Android phones, it is even possible to change batteries if required.

Considering both these factors, it shows that Android phones though not as elegant as iPhones are still worth buying when expandable storage comes in picture.

8. Screen Size Matters

Screen Size Matters

Users who prefer big screens have a clear winner – Android.

In recent times, it is seen that people are more inclined towards big sized smartphones. These smartphones are more commonly referred to as phablets.

The maximum screen that Apple has offered till date is 5.8 inches (iPhone X).

Android smartphone tycoon Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 8 comes with a jumbo-sized screen of 8 inches.

So, people, if size is what matters to you, no one can beat Android.

9. Security Plays An Important Role

Security Plays an Important Role

Concerned about your smartphone security? There is no better option than iPhone.

There is no denying that even Android phones are secure, but at the same time, they are prone to virus/malware attacks. Where there are more chances of an Android phone to be attacked by malware infection there are almost nil chances of an iPhone.

10. Which One Suits Your Pocket?

Which One Suits your Pocket

If you are a user who looks at the price tag before choosing a phone, then chances are you would go with Android.

Apple provides a limited choice when it comes to choosing between different iPhone’s. iPhone SE comes with the minimum price tag of almost 350$ and iPhone X that comes with a 1000$ price tag.

Android, on the other hand, provides ample choices from every price range.

People who do not want to spend more on phone have a lot to choose from if they go with Android. Though Android phones are expensive too, but if an average price is calculated Android phones are definitely cheap.

Well, deciding which phone to buy is certainly difficult owing to the varied range of features both Android and iPhone provide. While we have tried to jot down some of the most important factors considered, we leave the decision up to you. Hope that you can choose the best option that suits your needs.

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