How To Delete Downloaded Files And Folders To Clean Your Mac

Using the internet, we tend to download a lot of stuff on our Mac. It keeps on stacking up and takes on a large portion of disk storage with the passing time. Without proper care, these downloaded files will make your Mac slow. When you check, you will find many redundant programs and repeated downloaded files that make the most of the junk. This has to be fixed to get rid of old and useless downloads and clean Mac.

In this post, we will discuss several methods to clean Mac by removing all of the unnecessary downloaded files, mail attachments, old/large files, and so on using the best Mac cleaning app – Cleanup My System! 

How To Delete Multiple Downloads On Mac?

It is better to delete multiple downloads on Mac rather than selecting one to delete, which is very time-consuming. But to detect files manually, one has to check all of the downloaded files and folders on separate locations on Mac. Therefore, we suggest using the Mac cleaner app that traces all of the downloads and shows them for a review before you can delete them.

1. How To Delete Downloads On Mac Manually?

It is common to have all the downloads piling up in our machine, and it goes unnoticed until you get a prompt, “ the disk storage is full.” That’s when we pay attention to clearing up Mac, here is the easy way to delete downloads on Mac. Follow the steps given below-

  • Go to Dock and open Finder.
  • Locate Downloads from the left pane, click on it.


  • Select the files you want to be removed and right-click to delete.

This is although very time-consuming, and you should give the next method a try.

2. How To Perform Miscellaneous Cleaning On Mac Using Cleanup My System?

This method teaches you how to execute multiple cleaning tasks on Mac using Cleanup My System to reclaim unnecessary occupied storage space. Along with the Mail Attachments, Trash Items, Old & Large Files, it is also essential to clean the cache on Mac, which is filling up the disk space over time. Cleanup My System provides one of the easiest ways to declutter your Mac and get rid of unwanted caches, log files, junk data, and so on. It comes with a one-click solution (One-Click Care) that thoroughly scans your entire system.  It also provides a detailed report on all the items which need to be deleted to free up storage space & improve overall speed and performance. Get the latest version of Cleanup My System by clicking the download button provided below!

  • Once the installation is complete, you can run a quick yet in-depth scanning under the One-Click Care and it will show you a comprehensive summary. The application will remove clean junk and cluttered data. Along with the bulky files which can be cleaned from its disk to manage disk space. Also, remove the digital traces online to protect your identity and credentials.


  • Cleanup My System also provides separate modules for cleaning Cache, Junk, Trash, Mail Attachments. You can navigate to each one of the dedicated modules and click the Start Scan button. The application will look for all the potential unwanted data that just clutter your Mac. Just like Cache Cleaner will clear all the cache files, log files, and crash reports.

Cache Cleaner

  • It even offers an advanced junk cleaning module that holds the capability to locate Xcode junk, local mail downloads, and unused disk image eating and broken preferences. To simply get rid of it, hit the Start Scan button and perform a thorough cleaning to remove detected issues.

Junk Cleaner

Not only this, with Cleanup My System, you even have options for managing Mail Attachments, removing Trash files, eliminating Privacy & Identity-exposing traces, deleting unwanted Startup items, Uninstalling needless apps, and erase Old & Large files. 

Additionally, to keep your Mac safe from any malware downloads, get powerful antivirus software for your Mac.

How to Uninstall Downloads On Your Mac?

If you want to get rid of the downloads on Mac manually, this process will take a lot of time. The downloaded application can be removed by uninstalling them on Mac and the related files for the app. This process can be made easy using the Uninstall Manager module in Cleanup My System, which can remove single or bulk applications along with all the associated files in a few clicks.

Uninstall Manager

How To Remove Downloaded Files From Mac Desktop?

If you have a habit of saving downloads on the desktop, you might often find it cluttered. To get rid of Mac’s downloads, one must locate all the downloads from all the available files on the desktop. This action can be made a lot easier using Cleanup My System, which can identify all old and partial downloads on it with one click. Later, selected items can be deleted quickly from the Junk Cleaner module.

How To Delete Downloads From Launchpad On Mac?

Open Launchpad using the Dock and then click on a downloaded app. Now, as all the apps start shaking, you need to click on the cross sign to uninstall it from the Mac. This is how you can quickly delete downloaded apps from Mac.

Conclusion –

A Mac cleaning application is a must-have for smooth operation. It not only improves your device’s performance but helps you to declutter the disk storage. Cleanup My System is a powerful application to conduct thorough system scans for removing junk files, mail attachments, caches, log files & more regularly. The cleaning tool will also speed up the Mac, which is affected the most with unwanted launch agents running at the time of boot up. Therefore, it is important to get reliable software that gives excellent results when it comes to clearing clutter on Mac. 

Get Cleanup My System now using the button provided and do not forget to share your experience using the utility!

We hope that this method helps you understand how to delete downloads on Mac. We would like to know your views on this post to make it more useful. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.

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