How to Declutter Your Windows PC for Optimum Speed

Your PC is one of the objects that require great care, service, and maintenance. In other words, you need to optimize your PC so that it delivers optimum speed and performance as it used to do when you first bought it from the store. There are a few optimizing steps that you can follow to declutter your Windows PC that can be performed manually. However, we recommend using Advanced PC Cleaner which is one of the best PC cleaning software for troubleshooting minor issues and optimizing your PC because it can not only ease up the default manual steps but also carry out tasks that cannot be done manually.

How to Declutter Your Windows PC for Optimum Speed

Steps to Optimize your PC – Manually or by using Advanced PC Cleanup

Optimize your PC

There are a few optimization steps that can be performed using Microsoft’s default tools or by using the Advanced PC Cleanup to clean Windows PC. You may review the steps and procedures before choosing how you wish to do it.

Uninstall Redundant Applications

If you have old, unused, and redundant apps on your PC, then you must identify and remove these applications to improve Windows 10 performance. Unwanted apps not only occupy your storage space but also make your computer slower and decrease performance. In addition, they can prove to be of a greater risk if they have not been updated for a long time. There are two ways to remove unwanted and redundant apps – The Windows default method or by using Advanced PC Cleanup.

Windows Default

Press Windows + I on the keyboard to open settings and then click on App filled by Apps & Features. A list of installed applications will appear on your screen where you have to click the ones you no longer need or use and then select Uninstall.

Advanced PC Cleanup

Advanced PC Cleanup

The Advanced PC Cleanup helps users to remove old and redundant apps with ease. The software has a separate module that lists all the applications along with their developers and size. Click on the Trash Bin icon next to each listed app to uninstall them and clean Windows PC.

Delete Temporary Files

Temporary files are those files that are used during a specific session of the application or while the installation process. Most of these files are not required after their initial use and can be safely deleted. There are two methods on how you can achieve this as described below:

Manual Method

Press Windows + R to invoke the RUN box and type %temp% followed by Enter. Once the Temp folder opens, select all files by pressing CTRL + A and delete them.

Advanced PC Cleanup


The Advanced PC Cleanup scans and detects all the temporary files on your PC and allows users to delete them with ease. Press the Clean Now button after the scan completes to clean Windows PC and your PC will regain valuable storage space and improve Windows 10 performance.

Execute Malware Scan

Malware is one of the reasons why your PC does not perform up to its optimal performance. Malware also sends your personal information to its assigned server which can result in identity theft. To scan and remove malware in your system, you need an antimalware application like Windows Defender or Advanced PC Cleanup.

Windows Defender

This application is provided by default to all the Windows OS users by Microsoft. It helps remove most of the malware in your PC and receives updated virus definitions through Windows Updates.

Advanced PC  Cleanup


Advanced PC Cleanup maintains an updated database of malware, viruses, trojans, etc and ensures that all possible threats are neutralized before they can cause any damage to the system.

Remove Startup Items

Startup Items are those programs that initiate with every boot of the PC. Some of these apps are very important and must startup whenever your PC restarts like Antivirus etc. However, other apps are not required every day and unnecessarily hog your system resources.

Task Manager

One of the traditional methods of removing startup items is to use the task manager tool which will display a list of apps enlisted to boot while startup. You can simply invoke Task Manager, navigate to the Startup tab and disable all the apps that you do not need to startup every time the computer boots up and improve Windows 10 performance.

Advanced PC Cleanup


The Advanced PC Cleanup boasts of a separate module that lets users delete the startup item rather than just disabling them. Some of the disabled startup items can be reenabled without user intervention and thus disabling them is not the perfect solution. However, the Advanced PC  Cleanup lets users remove all the startup items so that the PC boot time is increased.

Other Steps to Optimize Your PC That Do Not Have an Alternative

Other steps cannot be done manually and only be carried out by the best PC cleaning software – Advanced PC Cleanup. Here are those methods:

Advanced PC Cleanup

Identity Traces

Advanced PC Cleanup helps users to remove all the identity traces and personal information stored anywhere on the PC. This ensures that even if malware manages to infiltrate your PC there will not be any traces of personal information lying out in the open. This application ensures that your security is intact.

Registry Cleanup

Registry Cleanup

The Windows Registry is the Hierarchical database of all the settings of your PC. There is no default method by Microsoft to fix Registry errors and issues or remove invalid entries. Advanced PC  Cleanup is one of the few PC optimizer that allow users to remove invalid Registry entries and ensure that the performance of their PC is greatly improved.

The Final Word On How to Declutter your Windows PC for Optimum Speed

Advanced PC is truly the best PC cleaning software and a one-stop tool that can optimize your PC and declutter it so that it delivers optimal performance with optimum speed. All the modules of this amazing application are carefully designed to ensure that your PC remains in great shape at all times and you do not face any minor issues. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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