How To Check Your Mac For Viruses?

For long, people believed that mac cannot be infected with computer viruses and malware. Later it turned out to be totally irrelevant. Back in those days, Windows was the most popular OS and thus hackers were only inclined to developing malware which easily infected this operating system. This way they could conduct a mass breach without much hassle. But later when the other operating systems started to gain popularity, they were also infected with viruses and malware. Eventually the myth was broken and it was concluded that any system is safe because hackers have not yet decided to hit on it. Yes, you can take measures to prevent it, but in this swiftly changing world, a new threat comes to existence every single day! Therefore, you need to be alert so that you can stop the infection from spreading further. Well, any step can be taken only if you know about the malware attack. But how will you detect the same? Basically, there are some signs that illustrate that your system could be one of the victims. Here, we’ll discuss how will you check your Mac for viruses! So, without much ado, let’s get started!

1. Too Many Pop-ups

No matter how many times you have tried closing these, they pop again and again. This is the most common sign that shows you have malware infection. So next time when you are constantly getting pop-ups from websites which don’t produce them. You should consider diagnosing your system. We are sure that you’ll detect malware on Mac.

2. Your System Is Slow For No Reason

Yet another indication! Your system never slows down like a snail unless it is infected with virus or you have opened too many applications that need time and resources for processing. But if your system slows down without any reason, then it is a sign that your system is infected!

3. You Find New Tools in Toolbar That You Have Not Installed

Many a time, the malware instead of hitting directly, installs too many tools which make the system slow. So, the next time you see a toolbox or a software that you have not installed, don’t take it casually, it may be the beginning of a mass breach.

4. Your Searches Are Redirected

Well, this is not so common when compared to others. These days, many hackers use redirecting to get maximum number of clicks on a page. As they get paid according to the number of clicks, redirection serves them well until they are caught for using unethical methods for gathering traffic to their website.

5. Random Notifications

Possibly, you would have seen this. Either you or your friends receive notifications for being friends with the ones you are already friends on that social media. In most of the cases, you think that they would have unfriended you and now trying to connect again! Eventually it turns out that either the platform has some issues or hacker has created a near-looking bogus page that resembles with your friend’s profile exactly! In either case, you must consider taking appropriate steps for diagnosis.

This is not an exhaustive list of things to check your Mac for viruses. Once you have determined that there is something wrong with your system, you must take next step. Simply put, you need to act now.

What to Do Next If Your Mac Is Infected?

Basically, you need to act, there are two methods that you can use. The first one is manual method and the next one is using tools. Let’s discuss about the manual tricks first!

Step 1:  Open “Finder” and hit shift+command+G. On doing so, “Go to the folder” will pop-up.

Step 2: Enter the following one by one and click on “Go.” The commands are:

Step:3 In case, files with abnormal names appear in the list, delete them manually and get rid of them! However, you need to make sure that you do not delete any significant file. Doing so will lead to abnormal behavior in your Mac.

The next method is via tools. You can use tools such as Dr. Antivirus and MacClean, but the results might differ according to the functionalities available.

How Can We Remove Malware and Other Infected Files from Mac?

There are a number of ways to do so, but we recommend using Intego Antivirus for Mac. With this, you can easily scan for threats and eliminate potential security threats in no time. 

We suggest this one because it is efficient enough in protecting your Mac from malware, adware, spyware, and other types of infected files. The Mac antivirus leaves no stone unturned to scan and fix issues. Moreover, you can take advantage of the solid real-time protection it provides from new threats that may harm your computer. Click the button below to get Intego Antivirus on your Mac! 


We believe that you don’t want to compromise your security and thus you should only choose the best product for your security. If you ask us for your opinion, this is the best one that you should invest in. By doing so, you are not just ensuring top-notch security services but also peace of mind. We say so because to detect malware, adware, spyware, trojan horse, worms & more on Mac and remove it using this software is as easy as snapping fingers. Download Intego Antivirus right now! 

What are your views on this? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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