How To Check Which App Is Using Data In Android

Have you exceeded the data limit on your Android device or seem to be running out of mobile data no matter how less you use it? This is a common issue faced by many using the internet-on-the-move. The reason behind this is that some apps use your mobile data in the background and the user does not realize this. Thus it is important to identify the most data-consuming apps on your Android device. Check Data Usage app  is a free third-party application that answers the burning question “ Which app consumes more data?”

Check Data Usage Application By Systweak Software

Check Data Usage

There are several apps on the Google Play Store that can help you do phone data speed tests and provide information about your internet data usage, but there are a few reasons why you should choose Check Data Usage over the others.

It’s completely free. All users can download the Check Data Usage app for free from Systweak Software.

It is malware-free. This app has passed all of the tests and has been accessible on the Google Play Store for quite some time. It is also guaranteed to be malware-free, which is not always the case with free apps.

It’s simple to use. The Check Data Usage app is simple to install on your computer and use, requiring only a few touches on your mobile device.

How To Check Which App Is Using Data In Android

As I mentioned earlier, this app is very easy to use but I have provided a few basic steps that you need to carry out to identify the most data-consuming apps.

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store and download the Check Data Usage app, or click the Download icon below:

Check Data Usage app

Step 2: To access the app, tap on the app shortcut, then accept the permissions it will ask for the first time.

Step 3: The Check Data Usage app will now launch and show you how much mobile data you’ve used.

Note: The total internet data used is being gathered by your Android OS but it is not convenient to understand and analyze that data.

Step 4: You can toggle between Mobile and Wi-Fi tabs on the top by tapping them to check the data usage. Also listed below will be the apps in descending order with the highest data-consuming app on the top.

data-consuming app

Step 5: You can also test your internet data speed and set a data plan to remind you after a certain predefined limit.

Check Data Usage: Complete Features & Specifications

The Check Data Usage app has various unique characteristics that define the goal of using this app on your smartphone:

Examine your mobile data usage. Mobile data is pricey, and you won’t be able to buy an internet-on-the-go service that is genuinely unlimited. As a result, it’s critical to keep track of mobile data usage and figure out which apps use the most data.

Keep an eye on your Wi-Fi usage. Check Data Usage keeps track of Wi-Fi data usage and displays apps in descending order of internet consumption, with the app that consumes the most data at the top.

Test your speed. Speed Test is a useful tool for determining whether your ISP has delivered you with the stated speed. It also shows you your current pace, allowing you to choose which activities you can do on your smartphone.

Test your speed

Make a data plan. Check Data Usage allows customers to set a data usage restriction based on their plans, preventing them from getting overcharged for excessive use of mobile internet.

Make a data plan.

The Final Word On How To Check Which App Is Using Data In Android

Check Data Usage is a fantastic app that allows you to keep track of your smartphone’s internet speed and data usage. The main goal of this software is to determine which apps consume the most bandwidth and to keep track of your data usage so that you are not overcharged by your ISP. You may also establish data plan limits that will alert you when your mobile internet usage is about to be depleted.

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