How Criminals Order Phones In Your Name? Preventive Measures

Undoubtedly, the progression of technology has brought multiple benefits but along has led to new-age problems, such as identity theft, cell phone fraud, online scams, ransomware and more. Have you ever thought about how we save ourselves from falling into traps? Amongst all this chaos, we all are desperately looking for a solution.

Well, the safety measures require several things – most importantly being aware. Knowing how things work will get us closer to learning, to curb such situations. Many people have been in the place where phones were ordered in their names, without them knowing about so. This works like a charm as they are not stealing out of your hands, but ordering new smartphones using your identity.

In this post, we will impart our knowledge on how criminals order phones in your names without you being aware. So, this is the time to be aware and with the tips discussed below, you can make sure you can protect yourselves from such cell phone fraud.

What is Account Hijacking?

Account Hijacking is the name of the cell phone fraud where your cell phone account is stolen. The account is then used by thieves to buy new cell phones. The most common cases that have surfaced are of iPhone as it is associated with your Apple account. Therefore when one such thing happens to you, the account on your current phone stops working. But before you realize that it is too late and you have been stripped off the money and your online identity as well.

account hijacking

The criminals get a hold of your account and then pose as you to order new smartphones. Since they can access your account, they check all the details. Sometimes, they don’t even get under the light until it’s too late. As they may order in with a new phone number, and you will not get to know because the same account now runs two phones.

What is SIM Swapping?

SIM swapping does not require any physical contact and will make your name work in other phones. The SIM swap scam is another of the big troubles, which will leave you little something to help. This cell phone fraud works due to the weakness of a mobile network provider’s ability to port the cell phone easily. Without any security check, this becomes easier and the criminals posing as you will fool the services as well. The phone number begins to work once they have acquired your details. They then act and give the company provider excuses, which are believable and get the phone number working for them.

SIM swapping

Most of this is done to get the hold of the OTP sent as the text message on the authorized phone number to get into an account. Therefore, the criminals ordering phones in your name, work in a fashion which requires stealing one or other information from you.

Tips to Keep Yourself Safe from Such Cell Phone Frauds

In little details, one must follow a number of steps to keep their identity and account protected. We have summarized a few important points below for you to follow:

  • Do not share your personal details with anyone.
  • Do not write the account details on public properties, Try to memorize your login ids and passwords.
  • Keep an eye on your account activities by visiting the accounts regularly..
  • Make the account security stronger with a strong password.
  • Never share your details over phone calls, emails, or text messages.
  • Whenever you receive a verification call from cell phone providers, tell them you can do it in the local offices.
  • Take action asap you find out that you are being played, inform your cell phone provider, police and all the bank and other accounts related to it.
  • Do not leave your phone unattended or give others access to it.

Read more tips: Ways to protect yourself from Identity Theft.

Additional Tip:

Verizon account can be saved by setting up a four-digit PIN. This makes you safe as it will ask the PIN to log into an account. If you haven’t already created a PIN, go to your Verizon account and click on the FAQ page. Sprint also in a very similar fashion, requires a PIN to enter your account. Get to create a PIN on your Sprint account.  The AT & T does not necessarily ask you to enter a PIN for accessing the account, but one must set it up for safety measures.


Keeping your identity safe is the requirement of the hour. Take action on the steps given in the post to make your cell phone account secure. Cell phone fraud is spreading like Australian wildfire and poses a bigger threat to each one of us. One must educate others while keeping the cell phone numbers and devices safe from such mishaps.

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