How A Photo’s Hidden ‘Exif’ Data Exposes Your Personal Information

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Recently, it was identified that the images shared on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram was leaking your personal information, and the culprit was identified as the user himself. Confused? The fact that is any photo clicked is not only the image you see but also a table of information about the image and you.

Every Image contains metadata that records the GPS, location, date, time, and device used. Experts can derive even more information from the EXIF data, short for Exchangeable Image File Format. This information was included with a noble intent that helped users sort photos, identify older ones, and identify duplicate and similar images. Google and Apple Photos use this info to sort the images based on time and date.

How To Prevent Exif Data From Exposing Your Information?

The most sensible method to protect your information is to remove it from your photos before sharing them with anyone or posting them on social media platforms. This can be done by using the Photo Exit Editor application  and follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1:  Download the application from the button :

Step 2: Install the app and launch it open.

Step 3: Add a folder or an image that you wish to edit.

photos exif

Step 4: The Metadata will be displayed that can be easily edited.


Step 5: Click on the Start Process button to make the changes.


Note: Once you make the changes in the Metadata, you will not be able to revert to the original info

Why Photo Exif Editor Among Other Applications?

Photo Exif Editor

Photo Exif Editor is a remarkable image metadata viewer with many features that are not easily found in one application. Some of the most important features of this EXIF viewer online are:

Supports multiple photos

Photo EXIF Editor is an image metadata viewer that allows users to import multiple images like a batch of photos and edit them. This is convenient for the users as editing a single image would be a tedious task.

Supports Multiple formats

This application supports multiple image formats like BMP, JPG, TIFF, and even RAW format.

Edit all data

Photo Exif Editor makes edits to all EXIF/IPTC/XMP fields of an image and allows users to select data from the dropdowns provided with valid and authentic data.

Quick Save Process

After a user makes certain changes to the photo’s metadata, the process to save them is swift, resulting from saved photos having edited metadata.

Create Presets

This image metadata viewer app allows storing a preset of the metadata information, which can be applied to any imported photo and save time of editing every field for every import.

Metadata Information

Photo Exif Editor is one of the best image metadata viewers as it allows users to view the EXIF data, IPTC, XMP info of every photo in a separate window. This helps to compare the metadata of two images.

Other information

This application can also let you view and edit dates and time info about images. This goes one step further and allows users to change the location settings of the image.

Delete Metadata

The most simple but important benefit of this application is that it can clear all the metadata of an image and make it safe to upload online.

The Final Word On How A Photo’s Hidden ‘Exif’ Data Exposes Your Personal Information

By now, you would have got a clear idea of how your image can expose your personal information to people with malicious intent. Thus you either save your photos and not share them or better remove the metadata and share what you intend to share, i.e., the photo only. Thus it becomes utmost necessary to clear the metadata using the Photo Exif Editor application, which is easy and simple to use.

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