Here’s What Apple Announced in November 2020 Event (& One More Thing)

Apple’s newest event, “One More Thing,” just disclosed hardware live stream series. In the “One More Thing” event, Apple announced MacBook Air’s new version, the Mac mini, and MacBook Pro. Each one of them is getting M1 silicon, as promised. During the announcement, Apple focused on the Intel processors’ transition to Apple’s processor this year. Overall, Apple’s “One More Thing” event focused on deep diving into the reality of new looks and gave a glimpse of when people can get the computer with the most-awaited M1 chip. This blog covers the important details and headlines of Apple’s latest event held on 10th November 2020.

5 Major Announcements Made In The Apple Event Are:

1.  Apple introduced its ARM processor for Macs (M1)

2. M1- equipped MacBook Air priced at $999

3. MacMini equipped with M1

4. 13-inch MacBook with M1

5. MacOS Big Sur (M1) release date

ARM processor
(Image: Apple)

Apple Introduced Its Arm Processor For Macs (M1)

Apple announced its 5nm chip named M1 chip. M1 chip comprises an octa-core processor, which is claimed to be the fastest CPU cores of any processor ever invented. M1 is announced as the best performance proving processor per watt of any CPU.

M1 comes with an eight-core integrated graphics processor unit. Apple claimed that M1 is capable of providing better performance as compared with the “latest PC laptop chip.” As per the announcement, M1 requires less power for working with improved multitasking.

M1- equipped MacBook Air Priced at $999

MacBook Air

MacBook Air equipped with M1 will be the first macOS device for getting the new chip (M1). MacBook Air with M1’s price starts at $999. Discussing the appearance, the overall design of the MacBook Air is the same as the previous model. Apple has claimed an M1 chip to provide better and improved battery performance (with up to 18 hours of video playback). It has better and enhanced general performance with applications like Adobe Lightroom that taps into the integrated graphics.

Additionally, Apple has also stated that the M1fash controller comes with better storage for reading\writing than the previous one. As per the announcement, MacBook Air equipped with M1 is open for preorders from the event date, and the release date is said to be next week.

MacMini Is Also Equipped With M1

(Image: Apple)

The developer kit of Apple benefits the Mac mini framework for the new silicon series. Apple has stated that the Mac mini equipped with M1 provides three times better performance than the previous models equipped with quad-core CPU processors.

As per the event, the latest update is that Mac mini’s rear I\O panel holds Thunderbolt USB 4. Additionally, it can also be connected with the Pro Display XDR with the resolution power of 6K. Mac mini pricing begins from $699. Users can tweak Mac mini with up RAM of 16GB and internal storage of up to 2TB. Like MacBook Air, the Mac mini is also available for preorders with a next week’s release date.

13-inch MacBook Is Also Equipped With M1

13-inch MacBook
(Image: Apple)

MacBook Pro 13-inch is the other device equipped with an M1 chip. MacBook Pro 13-inch is said to be featured with the extended battery life as compared with other Mac models (as per the statements recorded from the Apple event) along with up to 20 hours of video playback. The M1 equipped MacBook Pro comes with improved image quality for video calls as it has M1’s camera ISP. Apple has stated that the Thunderbolt USB 4 ports support resolution power of 6K and the Pro Display XDR. Price of MacBook Pro 13-inch begins from $1,299. Like other models, MacBook Pro is also available for preorders with the release date of next week.

MacOS Big Sur (M1) to be launched on November 12th

The newest model, macOS Big Sur, is now ready to be launched on Thursday, November 12th. The macOS Big Sur is already upgraded with M1, which resolves the mystery of releasing the model. Apple explained how quick MacOS Big Sur powers up and how swiftly it loads all the apps. Along with this, users will experience better performance while multitasking as it is already equipped with the latest M1 chip. The new OS is scheduled to be launched today, i.e., November 12th, 2020 (Thursday).

What is the Apple M1 Chip?

Apple chip

With the evolution of Apple A-series processors on iPad and iPhone, M1 is invented with different approaches. M1 chip contains a single system on a chip (SoC), which means Apple will no longer need separate processing systems or parts. So comes with the power of handling all the computations comprising graphics output.

The best part about M1 chips is that it has an eyebrow-raising maximum of 16 processor cores.  M1 contains eight cores so that it can perform various tasks at a time. Specifically, four cores are dedicated to complex calculations. The other four cores are dedicated to light tasks for ensuring that the chip does not consume higher energy than required.

Furthermore, M1 comes with an in-built storage controller for trafficking data to Mac’s solid-state drive (SSD) along with various other processing systems, sensors, controllers that are desired to handle image processing, encryption, and other secondary tasks.

Consecutively, 5 major announcements were made in Apple’s recent event. I hope this information helps. Follow us on social media – FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

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    18 to 20 hours of power is really amazing! Really looking forward to seeing these devices in action. It is surprising that Apple has priced these competitively!

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    couldn’t get more surprised.. Apple never fails to do so.

    3 years ago

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