5 Best Decision Making Apps And Games

You’ve brains in your head; you’ve feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose – Dr. Suess

Why Would I Need A Decision Making App?

Taking a decision is sometimes not an easy task, isn’t it? There are choices; there are criteria and a whole world of things in between. You have to conduct an in-depth analysis of several elements which can drain both mentally and emotionally. And, god forbid, if it’s a decision about something you don’t like. Time to spice this decision making thing. Yes! You can now take help of your Android or iOS device and make decisions without having to break sweat or shedding tears. And, believe us there are some awesome decision-making apps both for Android and iOS.

Best Decision Making Apps And Games

1.  Decision Crafting (Android)

Decision Crafting

If you have a decision to make based on several criteria, and you are finding it hard to analyze the upsides and the downsides, take help of Decision Crafting. A brilliant decision making app for Android, which will make it simple for you to make decisions. This is a simple app. Just as in a normal circumstance, you would sit down, ponder over options and criteria and then boil down to a decision, the decision making app chalks down everything out, in front of you.


  • Based on the information, it offers you the most appropriate choices instantly.
  • You can mention your options and assign them criteria. You can then rate the requirements under each option
  • Back and restore functionality
  • Can add as many options and criteria as you want
  • Export the analysis in CSV or HTML format
  • Share the result as a screenshot with a comprehensive analysis

2. Best Decision App (iOS)

Best Decision App

How about we tell you that taking any decision can be as simple as 1-2-3. You would probably laugh it off as a joke. But, here’s a decision-making app which breaks the decision-making process in three simple steps – (i). You enter the choices, (ii). You assign the criteria and their importance and (iii). Just estimate how well each of the options you have mentioned matches the requirements. The algorithm will do the rest!


  • Choose from a myriad of decision templates which are best suited for both simple as well as complex decisions.
  • You can protect your decisions via Face ID, Touch ID or even a password, Afterall, your choices are yours, or whosoever you decide, can peep into.
  • Easy modifications – Best Decision App is highly flexible and lets you add unlimited inputs, change their order and make modifications to these inputs as and when you want
  • You can share the decision you have made via mail, message and even save to your Photos gallery.

Easily sync data between all your devices – iPad, iPhone, iPad Pro and iPod Touch.

3. Decision Roulette

Decision Roulette

At the outset, we’d like to mention that it is one of the best decision-making game apps. This means that it should be used more for fun. Keeping that aside (and on a lighter note) there are times when you should leave the decision making on luck. You can even use it as a toss too, try it! No one would question an app, would they?


  • Great interface. From the moment, you create options for the time; you spin the roulette, you are just going to get addicted and fall in love with this decision making app.
  • You can add up to 50 options for a given criteria
  • Choose from several exciting roulette templates such as truth or dare, roll the die, rock-paper-scissors, etc.
  • You can add custom images or sounds as options.
  • Test your might on several different criteria -Create as many roulettes as you want

4. Tiny Decisions

Tiny Decisions

Talking of spin wheel like decision-making apps, let’s switch our device platform from Android to iOS. Tiny decisions is one of the highest-rated decision-based games on iOS. Again, this app generates random answers, so it should be used more as a fun-filled decision-making app. It could be used for neutral topics, such as to go to a mall for shopping or visit a friend.


  • Input a titular question, add or import options and set weights on them
  • Several integrated decision templates and colors to choose from
  • You can even flip a coin
  • Back and restore functionality
  • For decisions, you can even add Siri shortcuts

5. Pros And Cons (Android)

Pros And Cons

When making an important decision, you have to weigh its pros and cons. And, to put this in a better frame, if you are in a dilemma and contemplating the pros and cons, they have to be exhaustive and have to be thought of in-depth. That’s where the aptly named decision making app Pros and Cons comes into the picture.


  • Unintimidating simplistic interface
  • You can add a title (dilemma), a detailed argument and assign an importance score
  • Change app color to light or dark
  • Results clearly are shown in terms of percentage

Sometimes You Are Just On Your Own

We are not saying that you won’t have friends or family that’ll help you make decisions, but it is always a benefit if you are self-independent. The above decision-making apps and games for Android and iOS are not just for fun; these can even help you learn the essential art of evaluating pros and cons, the highs and lows, the ups and downs of any given situation. We’d love to know if through these apps we’ve been able to get a good message across. For more such content keep reading Systweak blogs.

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