Google Pixel 2 Eerie Audio Issues!

Problems don’t yet seem to be over for Google Pixel 2. After getting hoarded with complaints from all over the world for screen burn in issues, they are now being badgered about the high pitched strange sound the device makes. Google who is still in quest to look for a solution about the screen burn seems to be clueless about this recent problem as well.

The problem came in limelight when many users raised this issue on Pixel User Community. It was not just 1 or 2 users, but 100’s of them, which made it difficult to ignore. While, most of the complaints are from Pixel 2 users, however, there are also some Pixel 2 Xl users as well.

In the Pixel User Community thread, a user reported that he continuously hears ticking sound from his device while the device is in unlocked state. However, the sound stops as soon as he locks his phone. A Pixel 2 user has also uploaded that high-pitched noise over SoundCloud.

Regarding the high-frequency sound, users reported that it only occurs while they are on a call. The call can be of both types i.e. a normal phone call or a VoIP call. Most of the users who are experiencing this problem have already contacted Google support. Unfortunately, for now Google too has been unable to identify the cause of the problem. It stands to reason that a big brand like Google would not have rolled out a product with such major flaws.

When users contacted Google support, they asked them to try to factory reset and safe mode but that didn’t resolve the problem. However as per another user, when he contacted Google Support, they reverted with the following statement:

We only have the 2 options to get you another device. We can do what we call Advanced Replacement. With this, I send you labels for the original phone and a link to order the replacement. We don’t charge you, but there is an authorization hold placed on your payment method until we receive the original phone. This lets you keep using the phone you have while you wait and is usually the faster option.

We also have the option for a Standard Exchange. With this, you send the bad phone back first and when it reaches our warehouse, a replacement is shipped out. This way typically takes 5-10 business days and requires no authorization hold, but you are without the phone during that time.

Luckily some Pixel 2 users have got a slight turn around for this problem. By turning off NFC the ticking sound stops and reduces that high-frequency sound as well. Though this is not an official solution from Google, however many users seem to have benefitted by this.

Google which has a neck to neck competition with Apple phones, now finds itself surrounded by criticism. This might just be a software bug which can be easily resolved with an update. In an unfortunate case if it is a hardware problem then Google has no other option but to call back all defective devices. Whatever might be the cause, for now everyone expects Google to come out with a fast and effective solution.

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